Tryouts for the Asphalt Green competitive soccer leagues

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AG Wave soccerMarch 24, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

The Asphalt Green facility will soon announce an opening date, according to sources at Asphalt Green. The physical repairs are proceeding, and the gym floor is days away from completion. Once the “keys are handed over” from the BPCA control to the Asphalt Green, the staff will be hired and trained. This process will take “Six to eight weeks”.

The summer camp season should be possible. Also, Asphalt Green will provide a variety of soccer programs. Professional coaches will be available for younger children, with the classes taught indoors. For more advanced kids and young adults, a competitive soccer league is coordinated, with a traveling schedule.

The Asphalt Green website states, “Our staff includes former collegiate, club and/or high school and/or semi/pro players, NSCAA and USSF licensed coaches, former college coaches, who possess the abundance of youth coaching experience and knowledge necessary to ready our young players for the next level of play.”

Adam Perez is the director of the soccer program. “Adam has been with Asphalt Green for 2 ½ years, as a travel soccer coach for the Asphalt Green Wave Soccer Program and as an instructor for our SAQ Academy, a program he built to improve the performance, speed, agility and reaction times of his players. He and his teams have won several league championships and sportsmanship awards. Before coming to New York and Asphalt Green, Adam coached at several soccer academies and high schools in California. He was the three-time high school coach of the year for Willow Glen High School, winning two league titles and a state championship. He played NCAA Division 1 college soccer at San Jose State University. He then played semi-professionally for Real San Jose in the National Premier Soccer League, and was a three-time All Star.”

Tryouts for the new 2013-2014 season will be announced. For more information, click here or email

The Asphalt Green competitive league will not use the Battery Park ballfields. The Upper East Side Asphalt Green field is the home field, with other games played on the road.

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