Tucker Carlson rips off Steve Greer again

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August 30, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Last night, Tucker Carlson’s opening segment was a novel idea not being reported. He stated, “…and nobody seems aware of it…” It was on the topic of high energy prices in Europe causing citizens to be unable to heat their homes. Natural gas prices have skyrocketed 700% in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, etc. The Ukraine surrogate war between the U.S. and Russia was causing Russia to cut off gas supplies. He then connected the dots as all of this being caused by sabotage of the economies by a communist effort to destroy the U.S. and Europe.

Well, all of that was straight from my most recent Greer Report. In my Substack blast email of this report, the subtitle stated, “Tony Virus ousted and Europe crumbles under hyper-inflation”. I have been the only one to report comprehensively that Europe was imploding and it was part of the WEF neo-communist plan.

This is why I am suing Tucker Carlson, Fox News, et al in federal court. Of note, I called the judge to see why they are taking so long with a crucial decision. They have not forgotten about the case and they are working on it. My judge is now the Chief Judge of the entire SDNY.

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