U.S. women’s soccer team refuses to play on artificial turf like the one being installed on West Thames

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west thames turf field 12-9-2015December 8, 2015- BP.TV has reported extensively on the safety concerns growing about artificial turf fields for sports, like the one being installed at West Thames right now. The EPA is being asked to come down with a decisions. Some data suggests a cancer risk. However, more certain safety hazards are orthopedic related.

In the news is a story from soccer. The NYT reports,

“The United States women’s national soccer team took one look at the artificial turf field that was to be the playing surface for Sunday night’s friendly against Trinidad and Tobago and said, enough.

Finally, enough.

For years, the team had put up with the scrapes and the rug burns and the rock-hard surfaces that come with playing on fake grass, but this was a field too far. The seams at Aloha Stadium were pulling apart, and there were sharp pellets embedded in the carpet. It wasn’t safe, the players said, and neither was the grass field they had been given for practices at the University of Hawaii. (A day earlier, on that field, the star midfielder Megan Rapinoe tore her anterior cruciate ligament in a noncontact injury.)”

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