Update on the ballfields from the CB1 meeting 1-15-2013

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IMG_0056January 15, 2013 By Steven E Greer

The CB1 meeting tonight discussed the ballfields. CB1 member Anthony Notaro mentioned that the board has requested an answer from the BPCA as to why the turf fields cannot be used now, as a temporary stopgap measure, until the RFPs are processed and the fields are completely replaced. This idea was first raised by our essay How to save the Little League season.

Mark Costello, representing Little League, was asked what the plans are for the season in case the Murray Street fields are not ready. He assured the audience that alternative field would be found and that “We will have a great season.”

A representative from State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office,¬†Paul Goldstein, was also present and spoke. He explained that the Speaker has been in contact with the BPCA Chairman, Dennis Mehiel, and that he was quite certain that the ballfields would be ready long before the RFP timeline. He did not explain how that would be possible. He hinted that a major announcement might be imminent.

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2 Responses to Update on the ballfields from the CB1 meeting 1-15-2013

  1. Deme says:

    Something is missing from this story. Why can’t they play on the turf? Was it damaged by the storm?

  2. admin says:

    To Deme

    You need to click on the hypertext URL to read the complete story. This is just an update. To answer your question, there is no good reason why they cannot use the field as it is now.


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