Verizon selling headquarters on West Side Highway

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Verizon HQMay 7, 2013- Now we know why Verizon is shipping Manhattan jobs to other boroughs. They are selling all, or portions of, the headquarters on 140 West Street. That building was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, and perhaps they are transitioning to safer ground. According to Crain’s NY, “Verizon announced on Tuesday that it will sell or lease half of its historic corporate headquarters at 140 West St., a move that comes after the company decided earlier this year to move about 1,100 workers from the site to downtown Brooklyn. In a February memo, Verizon had told its workers that they were being moved because the building was in a flood zone, and had been forced to close in consecutive years by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. In the company’s announcement Tuesday about its consolidation plan, however, Sandy was not mentioned.”

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  1. Sally Regenhard says:

    I am on the mailing list for your website, which I find extremely interesting and informative. I would like to circulate your Verizon article among some 9/11 family groups along with the credit from your website, of course.

    I want to compare and contrast the actions of Verizon in moving 1,100 employees out of the flood prone zone, vs. Mayor Bloombeg who (despite two law suits against him & overwhelming 9/11 family opposition) is hell-bent on moving unidentified remains of 1,100 9/11 victims into the basement of the 9/11 Museum – 70 ft. below ground -which is also in Flood Zone A.- an area which was flooded with 20 ft. of water during Sandy.

    So this would drive home a very important point in our continuing battle to keep the 9,000 remains of the still missing victims out of this Museum at GZ, which we strongly oppose on an ethical and moral basis..

  2. Sally Regenhard says:

    …and thank you so much and please keep up the good work on your attractive web site.. Someone has to tell the truth about what is happening in lower Manhattan and CB 1 area!

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