Wake up. This is a global autocracy movement. (Example: The Green New Deal)

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April 23, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

One of President Trump’s first moves to pull the United States out of the lopsided “Paris Climate Agreement” that would have required the U.S. to pay more than, and cut back on CO2 emissions more than, China or any other country. This seemingly unimportant  matter really angered the far-left in the Obama camp.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry never gave up on bringing the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement.  As soon as Joe Biden was in the Oval Office, John Kerry was given a title other than Secretary of State, but he was really Secretary of State, and he got the U.S. back in.

Why? Something bigger was at play. What was it?

Yesterday was Earth Day the global leaders were advocating for a “global governance” to set the regulations for greener economies. The grand idea also would factor in “equity”, whatever that is.

This global push for a new “green economy” is just a clever trick to strip away the rights of sovereign democrat nations. It is part of the autocracy effort to rule the would and destroy the United States and democracy.

They first did this with the European Union decades ago. The EU was designed simply to make it less cumbersome to go from one country to the other and have a common currency. The EU is run by appointed elites and quickly bloated it into a shadow European government controlling immigration and many other non-currency issues, which is why the U.K. left the EU under BREXIT.

That is what this whole “Green New Deal” is about. But nobody in the media is talking about it this way. Even people like Tucker Carlson don’t call this.

Anyone in the news pretending to care about the environment invariably is a hypocrite flying in private jets and consuming massive amounts of energy in their mansions. They are nothing more than a modern version of the Soviet Union’s Nomenklatura fat-cats who stole the wealth and let the others starve. This is a big scam.

Wake up. We are in the middle of an autocratic coup and no one is saying it out loud.

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