WAR: The Fourth Reich’s plan to stoke Civil War II

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January 2, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

You will begin to see stories in the state-sponsored propaganda media about the Civil War from 1861-1865.

NBC was criticized for this revisionist history, “A new study outlines how white people’s migration during and after the Civil War bolstered white supremacy and institutional racism in non-slave states, contributing to the vast racial disparities that exist today nationwide.

The hijacked WSJ has this today, “‘Soldier of Destiny’ Review: A Mystery to Himself: Assessing the complications of Ulysses S. Grant, including his weakness for alcohol and his shifting relationship to slavery.”

In April, there will be a movie in the theaters called “Civil War” that depicts modern America devolving into a Civil War II. It is clearly predicative programing produced by the deep state.

Why, all of a sudden, are we seeing this?

It would not be delusional “conspiracy” thinking to postulate that the powers controlling the far-left are planning to disrupt the 2024 election with a major crisis. The writing is on the wall.

Destroying towns in Maui and East Palestine, Ohio were test runs. The DOJ’s labeling of normal Americans as “domestic terrorists” is not a a conspiracy.

Buckle up and prepare for an escalation of attacks.

January 4, 2024-

January 19, 2024-

Eagle Pass is the Fort Sumpter of the Civil War 2.0

  • Texas DPS troopers are now arresting illegal immigrants in Eagle Pass after the Texas National Guard took over Shelby Park
  • A huge change in procedure in Eagle Pass. Texas is now immediately arresting migrants if they cross the razor wire in Shelby Park. For years, migrants could walk right in, be processed by Border Patrol and released.
  • Abbott- Texas installed razor wire in Eagle Pass to stop illegal crossings. Today the Biden Admin CUT that wire, opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants. I immediately deployed more Texas National Guard to repel illegal crossings & install more razor wire.
  • Troopers arrest two males for criminal trespass from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

January 22, 2024-

Eagle Pass is the Fort Sumpter of the Civil War 2.0

  • @BillMelugin_ : BREAKING: The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden administration can resume removal of the razor wire installed by the state of Texas along the border near Eagle Pass, at least while litigation is ongoing. Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, & Kavanaugh all dissented. Roberts & Barrett sided w/ left leaning justices to rule in Biden admin’s favor & allow Border Patrol to remove the razor wire.
  • The majority of the razor wire is deployed in the Shelby Park area of Eagle Pass – city owned property that the state of TX recently seized control of with armed soldiers – and kicked the federal government out. In order to remove the wire, TX has to allow Border Patrol back in. If they refuse – what happens? This is potentially setting up a significant state vs federal showdown if push comes to shove.

January 24, 2024-

  • Texas’ Gov. Abbott issues statement explaining how the constitution and Supermen Court make it clear that a state has the right to defend its own borders when the POTUS is lawlwss
  • Oklahoma’s Gov. stands with Texas @GovStitt
  • Florida’s Gov. DeSantis stands with Texas

 January 25, 2024-

  • South Dakota- “@KristiNoem @GregAbbott_TX is exactly right to invoke Texas’ constitutional authority to defend itself. The Biden Administration has created a national security crisis and put Americans in danger. Their failure is an unconstitutional dereliction of duty. South Dakota has been proud to help Gov. Abbott’s efforts to secure our border.”
  • Georgia- @BrianKempGA Enough is enough. Our southern border is in crisis thanks to the Biden administration’s refusal to do their job. @GregAbbott_TX and the state of Texas have our full support.
  • Virginia- @GlennYoungkin Virginia stands with Texas. @GregAbbott_TX is doing the job Joe Biden and his border czar refuse to do to secure our border. The Biden administration has turned every state into a border state. We must stop the flow of fentanyl, save lives, and secure our southern border.
  • The U.S. Speaker of the House (a federal position)- @SpeakerJohnson- I stand with Governor Abbott. The House will do everything in its power to back him up. The next step: holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable.
  • Thousands of civilians line Texas roads leading to Eagle Pass
  • Trucker convoy heading to Texas
  • Donald Trump is calling on all states to send their National Guard to help Texas defend the southern border
  • Kennedy- Texas is right. Biden’s failure to secure the border leaves states no choice but to take matters into their own hands. As President, I will end this humanitarian crisis once and for all. I will secure the border and destroy the business model of the drug cartels. A country without borders is not a country at all
  • The Biden administration has responded to Texas and is giving Gov Greg Abbott until 1/26/24 to return control to the feds over the contested locations at the Texas Southern Border

List of States to Join Texas, as of January 25, 2024

  1. Governor Kay Ivey (AL),
  2. Governor Mike Dunleavy (AK),
  3. Governor Sarah Sanders (AR),
  4. Governor Ron DeSantis (FL),
  5. Governor Brian Kemp (GA),
  6. Governor Brad Little (ID),
  7. Governor Eric Holcomb (IN),
  8. Governor Kim Reynolds (IA),
  9. Governor Jeff Landry (LA),
  10. Governor Tate Reeves (MS),
  11. Governor Mike Parson (MO),
  12. Governor Greg Gianforte (MT),
  13. Governor Jim Pillen (NE),
  14. Governor Joe Lombardo (NV),
  15. Governor Chris Sununu (NH),
  16. Governor Doug Burgum (ND),
  17. Governor Mike DeWine (OH),
  18. Governor Kevin Stitt (OK),
  19. Governor Henry McMaster (SC),
  20. Governor Kristi Noem (SD),
  21. Governor Bill Lee (TN),
  22. Governor Spencer Cox (UT), 
  23. Governor Glenn Youngkin (VA), 
  24. Governor Jim Justice (WV),
  25. Governor Mark Gordon (WY).


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