What the new Republican congress should do

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October 26, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

The midterm elections will usher in the biggest change in congress seen since the 1970’s. Back then, communists had hijacked the anti-Vietnam movement and thoroughly disgusted America, as the WEF neo-communists are doing now. What should the new Republican agenda be? What is a “Republican”?

If I were running the RNC, this is what I would set as the agenda.

Sign a decree disavowing the WEF and communism

All Republicans should be asked to sign a decree that specifically disavows, by name, the WEF, Bill Gates, and the term “communism” and “socialism”. We are in a war against neo-communism. One cannot fight a war if one is afraid to name the opposition.

Of course, more than 20 so-called Republicans would not sign this. Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John Barasso, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Mike Crapo, Elise Stefanik, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy are just a few who get big bucks from the oligarchs.

This is fine. The point is to make an example out of the RINOs.

Oust Turtle Man, McCarthy, etc.

The second thing the new congress should do is elect new leaders. Turtle Man and McCarthy have to go.

Lift bans on domestic energy production

Thirdly, the new congress needs to pressure executive branch to lift all bans on domestic energy production.

Expunge Trump impeachments

To demoralize the far-left, the House needs to expunge all Trump impeachments. The January 6th hearing also needs to be exposed.

Close the border

Congress needs to pass new laws to enforce the border and make it illegal to do what the far-left has done. If the people controlling the White House refuse to sign the laws, then use other means. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, must be impeached.

Other new laws

Laws should be passed to ban CRT and transgender grooming in schools.


In addition to impeaching the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, Merrick Garland, and head of the FBI must be impeached. Also, the crooked federal judges who approved the raid on Mar-a-Lago and jailing of January 6th protesters need to go.

Restore law and order

The rule of law must be restored. Soros-funded DA’s must be investigated for federal rights violations. Bad mayors, such as Lightfoot in Chicago and Garcetti in LA, must be investigated.

The crooked “Russian Hoax” people must be jailed. Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey, etc. have to see time behind bars.

Anyone caught on video stuffing ballot boxes in 2020 need to be prosecuted.

Rogue hospitals need to lose their “pandemic emergency” protection.

U.S. Code Title 47, § 230 that protects Twitter, Facebook, etc. to censor free speech has to be repealed.

Congressional hearings

Congressional hearings into the crimes against humanity during the pandemic need to carry on for a year. These would be like the Nuremberg Trials after WW2.

Corruption withing the FBI and the crimes against January 6th protestors needs its own hearing.

Things to not support

Agendas that need to no longer receive support include the money laundering in Ukraine.

Topics to avoid

Lastly, what the new congress needs to avoid are unforced errors. Abortion needs to be avoided. The battle is won. The states are in control now.

Keep it simple

Al of these measures are simple no-brainers. They use the laws already on the books. The far-left has handed republicans an easy agenda. Only unforced errors will get in their way.


Update January 7, 2023-

Well, they tried to oust McCarthy. The 16 defeats he suffered made the point that his Uniparty agenda won’t fly. I still think there needs to be an official proclamation signed by Freedom Caucus that they opposes Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

I also still think the House should expunge Trump impeachments. It would demoralize the communists and set the agenda going froward. Then, meaningful impeachments need to be executed by the House and sent to the Senate to embarrass Uniparty Turtleman.

Regarding spending, why can’t the December $1.7 Trillion omnibus bill be rescinded? Start clawing back.

Update February 2, 2023-

The House did my first suggestion. Rather than force a vote on the WEF, the referendum was on “socialism”. @RepMikeJohnson tweeted,”Today, the House voted to condemn Socialism. These are the results: • 86 Socialists • 14 who can’t admit it yet”

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  1. Chester says:

    They rehired the same losers
    Tommy Emmers sent a letter to Pete agreeing highways are racist and is the biggest pro woke military CRT
    Mcconell China compromised
    And Rona Romney is a Rino out of her league

    Gop is pathetic
    Paul Ryan beholden to China Murdoch is running a full out attack on trump using DeSantis

  2. michael says:


  3. Cc says:

    Absolutely perfect. I hope they are listening.

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