Why Fox News fired Tucker Carlson?

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April 24, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

Here is my take on the Tucker Carlson firing by Fox.

First, I am literally working right now on completing a 40-page complaint for California courts against Tucker Carlson. He was removed as a federal defendant, which opened up the possibility for me to sue him and state court. I am going after him for breach of contract. So, I know these matters pretty well.

The first sign of trouble was when Fox News made the unusual act of censoring Tucker. They made him stop airing the January 6 tapes.

The next strange event occurred last week. Some bizarre, yet to be told, story occurred in the courts of Delaware. The Fox lawyers did not even put up a fight. They settled for almost $1 billion. It was just a defamation case. The comments made by the Fox news people were not even false. According to Sidney Powell, the Fox lawyers did not argue that matter. As a result, they got a summary judgment against them that barred Fox from telling the jury that the comments were true.

What I think happened was that the Murdochs are compromised. There were some secret meetings and the Murdochs were threatened by shadow global powers. They agreed to a large settlement because it is now a warning to other media to not challenge the 2024 election.

This all comes as the Klaus Schwab’s WEF cabal of globalist companies are losing power. They are failing in Europe. Trudeau in Canada and Macron in France are hanging on by a thread. Joe Biden will be ousted soon. The CCP is also running into trouble.

Those forces are resorting to drastic measures because they are cornered animals. They are twisting the arms of the Murdochs to get rid of Tucker Carlson.

The big mistake the Murdochs made was to negotiate with terrorists. One should never bow to the woke mob. They are never satisfied. They never should have taken Fox News to the left side of the political spectrum.

Fox News is dead now. You’re going to see massive cancellations. Good riddance

(Will Cain will be better than Tucker if they allow it.)

Update May 10, 2023-

Tucker Carlson is relaunching his same show on twitter, but Elon Musk is not paying him. That is because Carlson is still employed at Fox and cannot make new contracts, He is planning to sue Fox.

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