Why is it easier to impeach a president than a bad Democrat governor or mayor?

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June 2, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

The images of looters in Midtown Manhattan ransacking stores owned by globalist companies, such as Nike, Apple and Microsoft, are truly hard to believe. It is surreal.

What makes it harder to believe is that the chaos is happening because the Democrat leaders of these big cities have told their police to stand down. How is that not a direct violation of the prime directive of their jobs, which is to protect the people?

If an accurate poll were taken among New Yorkers or San Franciscans, the mayors would have single-digits approval ratings. Why then is there no call whatsoever to recall or impeach these leaders? Why was it easier to impeach The President of the United States, who did nothing wrong, than it is to recall Governor Newsom from California?

This should be the talking point of Fox News, OANN, The WSJ, etc. The focus of the Republican party should be to recall these bad leaders and then replace them with a Republican.

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1 Response to Why is it easier to impeach a president than a bad Democrat governor or mayor?

  1. Hopeless says:

    They are too busy excoriating the President for holding a Bible

    BTW Foxnews has been despicable this week full on Paul Ryan nevertrump

    FoxBusiness had some bright moments with Stu varney, Charles Payne loudobbs and Maria B

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