American now has a modern-day Gestapo

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March 28, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

The Gestapo was the secret police unit of the Third Reich Nazi Germany government. It ceased operations in 1945 when Hitler committed suicide. The Gestapo were the scary people who would use their jackboots to knock in doors of houses and take people away to the concentration camps or shoot them on site.

With that in mind, it has been alarming to see how the pandemic of 2020 has been used as a pretext for the Fourth Reich to inch closer and closer towards Third Reich behavior. In Europe and Australia where they have no Bill of Rights, the police have been knocking on doors of homes for people who simply posted something on social media that was critical of The Party. Ireland almost passed a law that would put someone in prison for making a comment on social media and Canada is working on the same. Well, people in America should pay attention to Europe because it is a beta testing site for the USA. What happens over there ends up here.

With the recent passing of the federal spending bill last week, a thousand-plus page document that no one had time to read, hidden inside was a provision to fund for a “Red Flag Laws” brigade of private citizens that would encourage neighbors to tattletale on each other. Kamala Harris proudly touted this totalitarian move one day after the spending bill was passed. It caught Republicans in Congress off guard.

Now, it appears as if they have already started rolling it these new far-left citizens who have been recruited into the unconstitutional coup. A chilling video is going viral that seems to be awkward civilians knocking on the door of a woman in Oklahoma who apparently posted something like “Fuck Biden”. If so, they are targeting red states with conservative governors using federal programs.

Recall, those 87,000 armed IRS agents are still being funded despite pledges from the GOP House to defund them. They have been doing even scarier things.

This has to be nipped in the bud. Republican governors must sign executive orders and pass laws that will not recognize federal agents doing this type of unconstitutional activity by simply outsourcing it to civilians. Attorneys General need to sue and get into the Supreme Court immediately.

The goal of this Red Flag Unit is to chill Americans before the election. It is part of the bigger effort to create a genuine Second Civil War.

March 29, 2024-

  • Another Texas man was recently visited by the FBI for posting conservative things on social media. That makes three viral incidents within 24-hours.
  • BIDEN AMERICA! The FBI visited @KAM4Texas in their house over a tweet. Be careful out there, folks, it’s getting worse by the day. WATCH
  • FBI Agent Says He Hassles People ‘Every Day, All Day Long’ Over Facebook Posts
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