American Oligarchy of Communists Watch: 9-4-2021

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AOC Watch:

  • Lawsuit: Apple and Google Are Recording Users Without Their Knowledge
  • John MacArthur reaches $800,000 settlement with California and LA County in Covid dispute (I was in California for two-weeks. The practice range I was on straddles LA and Ventura counties. Ventura is conservative and LA is fcked up. Masks were required in the clubhouse because it was in LA county)
  • NY Health Commissioner repeals mask mandate for unvaxxed after federal lawsuit filed – LifeSite
  • I love these people speaking at the California school boards because they don’t look like the type of person who would stereotypically be your patriotic freedom lover. But then the stuff that comes out of their mouths is like from Thomas Jefferson.
  • Governor DeSantis has now enacted a vaccine passport fine.
  • For the eighth consecutive week, the French are protesting forced vaccines and health passes.
  • Gov. Kate Brown sued by Oregon state troopers, firefighters over vaccine mandate
  • Scotland’s Teachers Urged to Take ‘White Privilege’ Test in a Bid to ‘Decolonise’ Schools – Sputnik International
  • Why isn’t the mainstream media giving extensive coverage to what is happening in Australia? Quarantine camps Fining people for talking in the street Facial / geolocation movement tracking Police surveillance Such authoritarian measures should be widely condemned.
  • Experts Call for Rigorous Audit to Protect California Recall – The fix is in the same dominion systems and mail in ballots are being used
  • Even by today’s standards of propaganda, this is laughably over the top propaganda. But it’s paid for by tax dollars and this is not private sector propaganda. They should be defunded.
  • Texas bill to ban Big Tech censorship to pass: The common carrier language introduces a tougher and older legal standard than Florida’s tech censorship law, which was shot down by a Bill Clinton-appointed federal judge shortly after it was passed. It is one of the approaches suggested by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his opinion on tech censorship, which he gave earlier this year.
  • Apple backs off from plans to let it scan your phone for all photos even if you are not using iCloud

Nuremberg Trials 2.0:

  • Propaganda aimed to discourage the use of lifesaving drugs: “One instance of misinformation that has propagated on Reddit and elsewhere is the trend of vaccine-hesitant people taking ivermectin, an antiparasitic commonly used in livestock, to treat or prevent the disease.”
  • And this one from NBC: “The doctor who prescribed the deworming drug ivermectin”
  • The facts: The broad spectrum antiviral ivermectin targets the host nuclear transport importin α/β1 heterodimer – PubMed
  • Homeland Security has known about “potential” benefit of ivermectin since, at least, 1/5/21.
  • OSU Medical Center head Harold Paz “stepping down”: This story is important to me for many reasons. First, I am on a mission to have hospital CEO’s be held accountable for their crimes against humanity during their pandemic (i.e. turning patients away with no treatment when treatment was available, inflating COVID diagnosis, etc.). Harold Paz got into trouble by the nursing union when it was exposed how he gave himself a $800,000 bonus this year as others struggle. They put up billboard ads. Now, he is ousted. My goal is to create a series of congressional hearings like the Nuremberg trials focusing on Cuomo and his other stooges around the country who murdered people, and also on hospital CEO’s who colluded to not treat people.

Scamdemic Watch:

  • Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized for Breakthrough COVID, Withdraws from Comeback Boxing Match
  • 69 year old C19 patient unvaccinated with full recovery on early treatment
  • CDC estimates 83% have antibodies: This is huge. Even the CDC admits now that almost everybody has immunity against the virus. This is why there are so few deaths. The media is hyping the cases but people are not dying from this. Obviously, you read all of the stories about people dying. Taking them out of context and not comparing them to the millions and millions of people who did not die.
  • This was my idea! I have the emails to DeSantis’ Chief of Staff to prove it: DeSantis’ antibody treatment centers is a big success
  • Almost all deaths from the virus in KY are in the over-60 age groups
  • Baseball Legend Johnny Bench Says He’s Got COVID After Getting Vaccine, Will Miss Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
  • The reason the COVID virus is mutating, and we all knew it would do so: RNA viruses make this high mutation rate work for them. The high mutation rate of RNA viruses is one reason why it is difficult to make effective vaccines against many of these types of viruses. Positive-sense RNA viruses account for a large fraction of all known human viruses, including many well-known pathogens such as HIV (the AIDS virus), hepatitis C virus (liver cancer), rhinoviruses (common cold), West Nile virus, Dengue virus, Zika, SARS and MERS coronaviruses, and COVID-19.

Other News:

  • US markets have become corrupted and are no longer the best in the world. Even the SEC agrees with me that the markets gave become so corrupted that they are no longer trustworthy. Yet this article seems to state that they’re going to have political challenges even banning the most obvious of the corruption like pay for order flow
  • Biden voter-rejecting Florida diner closed due to popularity
  • Amazing: delusional Trudeau thought he would gain power by ordering a snap election and instead he is going to lose his job: Prime Minister Trudeau’s motivations for calling an election in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, other than seeing an opportunity to form a majority in parliament, have been unclear, and have led long-time Canadian political commentator Rex Murphy to call the election “pointless”.
  • I’m sorry—but Texas is kicking Florida’s ass right now and it’s not even close: -a REAL Bill-Tech censorship Bill -ban on illegals traveling in state -heartbeat bill -constitutional carry -ban on local vaccine employer mandates Wake the hell up Florida “Republican” officials!
  • Biden to get Nobel Peace Prize for Afghanistan debacle (same group gave Obama the prize literally for no reason)
  • Just watched 18-year-old Leylah Fernandez beat defending champ Naomi Osaka at the US Open. She was unapologetically excellent. Didn’t care for anything other than winning. She’s Canadian but had more of an American animal spirit than American-raised Naomi did. Loved it. I find it curious that she renounced her US citizenship to become Japanese, despite: – Having grown up in the US – Trained in the US – Being fluent in English but not Japanese – Being paid millions by US sponsors – Vocally criticizing social injustice in the US, but nowhere else. I’m not criticizing her or her decisions, but only making a curious observation that reveals something about an entire generation who strikes me as so indignant on the outside, yet so lost on the inside.


Mystery Solved

This actually explains a mystery I encountered a month ago. I was recently staying in a Miami hotel resort. To make a long story short, the 20-year-old spoiled son of the hotel owner was in the hotel gym doing bazaar dances like this with headphones on.

This is what they do on TickTock now. Now, it all makes sense. (I refuse to use TickTock because it’s blatantly obviously a Chinese app trying to steal information on Americans. Trump tried to shut it down, but there’s so much corruption in our American Congress by the Chinese that he was unable to do so.)



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