Another pro-BPCA fluff piece in the Broadsheet

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May 24, 2012 By Steven Greer

The local advertising flier, The Broadsheet Daily, has posted another article so friendly to the BPCA that it seems to have been placed by a PR firm. Recall, BatteryPark.TV has previously pointed out the financial conflicts of interest between the Broadsheet publisher and the BPCA.

In today’s article, the departing BPCA board member Robert Mueller is featured as the only actual resident of the BPC to have served on the board. In fact, Mr. Mueller had moved his daily residence to Park Avenue a long time ago and was being listed by the BPCA as the token BPC resident despite not actually living in his Rector Place apartment. The Broadsheet makes no mention of this scandal and the fact that local politicians are trying to change the leadership structure of the BPCA to have an elected accountable Chairman and board.

In a previous Broadsheet article, it was incorrectly reported that the BPCA had two BPC residents on the board. The article today seems to be a roundabout way to correct that without admitting a mistake.

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