Bipartisan support for true police reform

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June 10, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I normally fast-forward through the Fox News Hannity show because it is incoherent gibberish. But I watched his discussion with Dan Bongino on police reform.

It was very interesting because these guys are normally hard-core police supporters, and yet even they admit that the current paradigm for police training is all wrong. The new change from Hannity is that he is admitting guns should not be the first option for a police officer. He is advocating for modern weapons that fire pellets of tear gas and pepper spray, as well as the need for training in martial arts and hand-to-hand restraint.

Dann Bongino, a former NYPD cop (or is he Secret Service, an FBI agent?) made a smart point that Sean Hannity did not even comprehend. He said that cops are so poorly paid that it’s impossible to train low-quality recruits. In other words, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. That was a profound statement that totally went over the head of Sean Hannity.

All of this is what I have been saying for years and have put it down and essays. You can’t give a deadly weapon to some high school flunky who has his own criminal tendencies to begin with. The first thing a moron like that will do is abuse the power.

As I wrote in this essay, I think all police should be federally trained and have military experience first. There are plenty of retired military staff who would love a police job. Then, there needs to be a whole array of other weapons that the police carry to allow them to subdue people without killing them with a gun.

Dan Bongino then made another good point when he said that the tools cops use have been around for more than 100 years. They still use a gun and a billy club. There are much more modern tools available to subdue people with less deadly force. Again, I wrote that first in this essay.

All appears to have bipartisan support. It could become law this month.

The funny thing about all of this communist agitation and anarchy designed to topple Trump is that it will lead to a big win for populism. These police reforms fit in perfectly with the populist agenda. White people with guns who like the second amendment fear the police. Most people of color are also populists and they may not even think of themselves as such. Wanting police reform is a form of populism, regardless of color.

The only thing these Antifa and Black Lives Matter fascists will achieve is a landslide victory for Republicans. Trump needs more images in the media of the Obamas, Black Live Matter, AOC, Chuck and Nancy, Adam Schiff, the Obama stooges who staged a coup, and so on. The dream team for Trump to face in the election would be Biden and Kamala Obama Harris.



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  1. Cameron says:

    While it may appear police officers are poorly paid, they have pensions for the rest of their lives with cost of living increases. Prior to around 1979, police who retired got the same pension as when they retired. Of course, not as good as the military or fed govt pensions. Also, standards have gone way down especially because of affirmative action, increasing weight, lowering height, physical ability, Disbanding scholastic aptitude and psychological testing. Very hard to be NYPD in 1960s as opposed to now. Of course, no one deserves crap thrown at them during rioting.

    Have you heard leaked tape from Mayor of Chicago. Interesting she and alderman crying out for need of police, more police and admit its Antifa! Next day – it’s defund the Police!

    Regarding your story on the Democrat virus – spot on. While waiting for a conference call to begin turned on the tv-CBS ran 5 minute teasers of Fearmonger omg stories Of the virus, e.g when it will return, it will be stronger, this man lost his taste Buds forever From the virus? Pure trembling panic in their fake news voices …I guess looting is gone?

    National disgrace that every news media covered George Floyd As if it was a former president who died and not one Carried David Dorns funeral happening at same time. My mom turned to me and said “my sister died 2 months ago (Nursing home after care surgery) and I wasn’t allowed to give her a funeral” Because of Cuomo and look at this !funeral!

    Andy Cohen of Bravo firing reality stars for being mean to black costars.

    Bizarro world

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