CB1 asks City Council for funding of Bob Townley programs

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Townley and pals

August 8, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously reported on the possibility that the BPCA will revoke the $250,000 free grants given to Bob Townley’s Tribeca community center called Manhattan Youth. Suggesting that the funding cutoff decision has been made, the Community Board 1, which Mr. Townley is a member of, is requesting money from City Hall to offset the cuts.

In the annual report and letter to City Hall, the CB1 report states (page 27):

Community Center and After School and Summer Youth and Re creation

Programs CB1 has long sought community recreation and cultural centers for our neighborhood  places where children and teenagers can play, learn, and grow; where our seniors can socialize and find needed resources and intellectual stimulation and where adults can pursue personal enrichment through fitness and continuing education. The Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center Warren and West Streets  serves people of all ages and has developed programs in response to evolving community needs.In addition, a new community center,  operated by Asphalt Green opened  in June 2013 to serve the growing community in and around Battery Park City.

  • Fund needed programs at the Downtown Community Center (Expense Budget Priority #6)
  • Increase funding of After School and Summer Youth and Recreation programs (Expense Budget Priority #11)

Therefore, our number one district need is to Increase Community Board budget to $250,000 (Expense Budget Priority #1). This will allow CB1 to better serve a district that has unique residential needs while being the country’s fourth largest business district in the country with over 75 major public and private construction projects in one square mile and visited by over 11.5 million tourists last year.

Signed, Catherine McVay Hughes, Chairperson and Noah Pfefferblit, District Manager

Interestingly, the CB1 then requests a whopping increase in budget of $250,000, but does not specify the reason. That amount, coincidentally, is the same amount that the BPCA used to (or still?) give Mr. Townley for his community center.

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