Cortex Television v. New York State Dept Health (Court of Appeals for the State of New York)

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February 9, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Here it is! I am in the highest court of New York suing Cuomo’s old Dept of Health, which was run by Howard Zucker. They are stonewalling our FOIL to get ventilator death data.

It is not guaranteed that the court will hear the case. This brief is the equivalent of a SCOTUS writ of certiorari.

The brief is worth reading if you want to see how brazen they are.


The long and winding road of the Ventilator Death paper (Perseverance Prevails)

Steven E. Greer, MD sues New York for data on COVID ventilator deaths

Greer v. Lancet 23-20538-cv 5th Cir. 2023

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