Death Penalty for Tony Fauci if he is guilty

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February 27, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

This video of Fauci doing a victory lap after he revived gain-of-function testing in 2017, exploiting a clueless Trump administration, has never been seen by most people. It is making a timely “viral” moment on social media because we now know the virus was made in a Fauci-funded Wuhan lab (via shell company EcoHealth). The story made the cover of the Post today.

Billions of people were harmed or killed not only by Fauci’s man-made virus, but then also by his own gene therapy “vaccine”. Part of that gene therapy harm was the intentional restriction of life-saving oral medications that competed with the Fauci vaccine.

Fauci must be tried before a military tribunal as part of a Nuremberg 2.0 process that would prosecute many others as well (e.g. pharmaceutical executives, generals, and members of the executive branch). If Tony Virus is found guilty of violating the Nuremberg Code, he should be publicly hanged. The world needs accountability right now.

Of note, the reason Fauci was so brazen after 2020 is because he got away with it in the 1980s with the HIV epidemic. He pushed costly Big Pharma products that were unsafe and were killing gay men while also restricting the use of effective generic antibiotics (sound familiar?). There were no repercussions. Fauci got promoted and became the highest paid government official.

On a bigger point, this is what we see on the slippery slope of government. With the DOJ recently, for example, when crooked FBI lawyers Peter Strzock and Andrew McCabe, inter alia, were not prosecuted by William Barr, it gave the remaining crooked Deep State a green light to do much worse things, such as the J6 hoax.

Americans are just now becoming aware of this Deep State abuse because it is so obvious. The Internet makes it impossible to cover up conspiracies. What the Deep State has been doing is nothing new. We know that FBI and CIA employees have infiltrated social media from recent Twitter files released by Elon Musk. However, the CIA thoroughly infiltrated the television news and print newspaper is back in the 1970s. We now know that Anthony Fauci had formed an alliance with pharmaceutical companies to promote his COVID vaccine. The official alliance between Big Pharma and the government has been going on for many decades. We know from current events that the 2020 election was influenced by the Deep State (i.e. by hiding the Hunter Bide laptop story and censoring conservative voices), and Trump was the victim of a coup by his own DOJ. Well, the CIA and FBI killed President Kennedy in 1963 (also his brother Bobby in 1968?), and then ousted Nixon with a coup.

I suspect the Vietnam War is when it all jumped the shark. I was born in 1968 and have often thought about how crazy that year was. It is clear to me, looking back, that there were permanent scars gouged into the constitution around JFK’s time. Once a big crime is committed by the federal government and they get away with it, the boundaries of lawlessness are expanded.

At this point, we have a so-called Deep State that employs millions of “contractors” who have immunity from lawsuits and get all of the Top Secret information that a federal employee gets. We have dirty FBI and CIA employees who are “retired” and working as censors inside social media and traditional media companies. We have CIA drones killing people outside of official battlefields. We have an entire country created by the CIA (i.e., Ukraine) to serve as a money laundering state. The only semblance of the Founding Father’s United States of America is found at the state level.

This is why certain bad actors, such as Anthony Fauci, must be held accountable. It will send a loud message and maybe get the momentum swinging back toward constitutional law.

March 7, 2023-

  • The Telegraph- Matt Hancock should be arrested for wilful misconduct in public office


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3 Responses to Death Penalty for Tony Fauci if he is guilty

  1. Margaret T McGregor says:

    I agree that Fauci should be held accountable at a Nuremberg-style trial. Unfortunately, I have heard statements from some of the people who are against the vaccine and see its horrible side effects that we should just move on. We have to fight back at that attitude.

  2. JSR says:

    Many of our neighbors were duped. While some behaved badly, much of the bad behavior can be attributed to fear.

    We must have compassion for the vaccine injured and a Nuremberg style trial is necessary for Fauci and the other medical agency fascists who encouraged mandates by providing “guidance.”

    Some governors would fall in that category to stand trial as well, as would Joe Biden who tried to instill a mandate.

  3. Editor says:

    Sadly, Trump and his clown posse are to blame as well

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