Does Hillary Clinton have MS?

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Update September 11, 2016- Hillary Clinton collapsed this morning while attending 9/11 ceremonies at Ground Zero. Before the collapse, she was the only one wearing sunglasses, which was conspicuous.

Reality is often more unbelievable and seemingly scripted than Hollywood.

Can you think of a more disastrous, inopportune, time for Hillary to collapse, in the ugly manner that she did, than on September 11th at hallowed Ground Zero? It is the perfect metaphor for Trump to claim she cannot defend the country, or is too weak to stand up to Putin.

The Hillary camp could seriously blame Russia for this and it would be plausible, this is so poorly timed. Maybe Putin spies slipped her some polonium-210? (sarcasm, of course)

Update September 5, 2016- During a rally in Ohio today, Hillary Clinton almost completely lost her voice and began to cough as she aspirated (i.e. inhaled her saliva after improperly swallowing). Her voice has been hoarse for more than a year.

Her weakness and inability to walk long distances, along with her vocal cord changes, are some of the symptoms one sees in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. People of Northern European decent, and her age, are prime candidates for MS.

That is not a diagnosis, but rather speculation that we are forced to make given her lack of transparency. Whatever is the problem, Mrs. Clinton has a serious ailment.

August 18, 2016- The mainstream TV news finally had to cover what the blogosphere has been for months, which is that Hillary Clinton has numerous signs of having epileptic seizures, or some other degenerative neurological condition.

In the videos above, she seems to have a seizure. Below, she seems to have a mild seizure, becoming catatonic and staring into the distance.

Other signs pointing to a problem are that she has to have stools to sit on whenever she speaks, and pillows to prop her up in chairs. When she recently visited Joe Biden’s childhood home, some are saying that they installed a railing just for Mrs. Clinton.

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