Downtown Express replaces BPC reporter

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December 21, 2013- The Downtown Express has made changes to the staff of reporters and coverage of the Battery Park City region. Terese Loeb Kreuzer had been covering the BPC beat since her departure from the Broadsheet (BS). Downtown Express now has a full-time reporter named Sam Spokony covering BPC issues.

Ms. Kreuzer spoke with BatteryPark.TV, “I have been covering Downtown for ten years and I am not going to stop now.”. She plans to start her own blog and is looking for sponsors.

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One Response to Downtown Express replaces BPC reporter

  1. Terese Kreuzer says:

    A correction to what you wrote, Steve.

    I HAVE started my own newsletter. The first three issues appeared this past week. They are archived at

    Also, I covered more than Battery Park City for Downtown Express. Over a three-year period, I wrote hundreds of articles about many aspects of lower Manhattan. Downtown Express also published around a thousand of my photographs during those three years in its print editions and online.

    In Downtown Post NYC, I am continuing this work as a journalist and photographer whose beat is lower Manhattan, roughly defined as south of Canal Street.

    Terese Loeb Kreuzer

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