Evidence that the Pfizer and Modern gene therapies spike protein causes myocarditis

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March 21, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

A Harvard Medical School PhD, David Walt, published this paper in Clin Inf Dis. They used ultra-sensitive assays that detect the actual SARS-COV-2 virus S-protein (spike protein) in a small group of vaccinated people. Immediately, one day after vaccination, the S-protein was found circulating in the blood (i.e., not attached to antibodies or on the surface of cells).

(Would S-protein be detected one day after vaccinations if the mRNA of the vaccine was the mechanism for creating the S-protein from out own cells? Others are now speculating that the so-called vaccine is really a man-made Quantum Dot nanoparticle that looks like the S-Protein, and the mRNA is not found in the vaccines.)

He also published this other paper in Circulation looking at the blood of children with myocarditis after getting COVID (and the vaccine). The findings were , “A notable finding was that markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein (33.9±22.4 pg/mL), unbound by antibodies, were detected in the plasma of individuals with postvaccine myocarditis, whereas no free spike was detected in asymptomatic vaccinated control subjects (unpaired t test; P<0.0001).”

In other words, if you have symptomatic myocarditis, you also have the spike protein in your blood.

I asked Dr. Walt, “I wonder if you can tell me why it might be that the spike protein is not cleared by the liver or kidneys like any other protein. If they are circulating, and not affixed to cell surfaces, why are they not cleared?”

He replied, “There is a viral reservoir that continues to produce the protein.”

I believe that to be farfetched. Why blame the actual SARS-COV-2 virus instead of the vaccine for the S-proteins? He seemed to be doing somersaults to protect Pfizer and Moderna.

When asked, “Can you distinguish virus-made S-protein from vaccine-made?”, Dr. Walt replied, “No.”

A spike protein on a virus is attached to the larger complex of proteins that make up the virus particle. The free-floating spike protein is much smaller. Since Dr. Walt’s tests cannot distinguish between the two, then it is possible that the spike protein they found is part of a Quantum Dot nano-particle, akin to a virus. They have no idea what they are detecting.

The lead author of the Circulation paper, Lael Yonker, MD, replied to the same question, “Thanks for your email, and I ask myself the same questions! I am not sure why the Spike is not bound by antibodies and not cleared in these patients despite having adequate humoral response to the vaccine. I wish I could provide a better explanation but I’m hoping this finding is a first step in making progress in better understanding pathology.”

The S-protein is causing myocarditis, plain and simple. The virologists have known since 2005 that vaccines should not be made using the S-protein because it triggers a powerful autoimmune attack.

(These papers also support the Quantum Dot nanoparticle theory for the S-protein vaccine. The spike protein is made way too fast after injection and is not cleared fast enough. Graphene hydrogel nanoparticles would be resistant to antibodies and slow clearing. Stay tuned.)

Update April 23, 2023- This is a good summary article on how the spike protein is toxic.

Update May 2, 2023- This is a paper coming out from German researchers who found that the spike protein persists in brain tissue, both an experimental mice that were injected with just the spike proteins and with human cadavers that were infected with Covid.

The important question is why millions of people have persistent spike proteins? I have been wondering if the vaccine is causing it or if the spike proteins for some reason do not get cleared from the body. The experimental mice were given just the spike protein, not a vaccine. This shows that the spike protein binds to living cells and does not go away because it is connected to the ACE2 receptor of living cells. This would suggest that some unknown vaccine mechanism, like DNA plasmid, is not to blame.

However, we still need to analyze vaccine vials to see if they contain spike protein and or DNA plasmid that are not “contamination” but are rather intentional ingredients. Graphene nano-particles could also be in the vaccines.

Update August 4, 2023- The Australian Senate convened a hearing on the Pfizer “vaccines” and grilled Pfizer executives. They confirmed that Pfizer employees received a special batch of the vaccine. This has many speculating that they received saline injections. Recall, it was never confirmed whether or not the Pfizer CEO received his own vaccine. This

Update August 31, 2023-

New study tested humans who had received the COVID gene therapy “vaccines” and found that the man-made, or recombinant, spike protein was still being made by the host cells at least 6-months after injection. This means that the “vaccines” are gene therapies that permanently alter your genes.



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