Did the COVID vaccines (i.e., gene therapies) change the human genome?

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May 11, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I was the first person on any large media platform to warn that the COVID vaccines would be hard to sell because they worked by altering our genes. I said this on the Joe Piscopo show, June 3, 2020, before the vaccines were on the market:

JOE PISCOPO: “Dr. Greer—about this Moderna vaccine—that it might not be the savior it was built for as you originally said. Is that correct? Tell us about the Moderna vaccine that we’re hearing about.”
Dr. GREER: “The vaccine is like none other. It’s really fragile molecules called RNA. You won’t be able to scale it up and give it to a lot of people because it has to be shipped in minus 100 degrees. And oh by the way, the people will be very skeptical of its safety, all those antivaxxers. So that’s going to be a big thought, as are all of the vaccines.”

What I was alluding to was that the vaccines were gene therapies, and no gene therapy had been approved for widescale use. There is a good reason for that. Inserting foreign genes into DNA can trigger overproduction of cancer-causing genes, etc. It is playing with God.

Well, fast-forward three-years and my concerns are now reality. The vaccines are clearly harming people with turbo cancer, myocarditis, and autoimmune diseases. Why?

The advertised mechanism of action for the mRNA vaccines is that the “temporary” mRNA causes our own cells to produce spike-protein, which circulates in the blood triggering our own immune cells to create antibodies. Those antibodies will then protect against the COVID virus because spike-protein is on the virus.

However, that is not what is happening. We now know that the spike-protein is staying in the body for a long time. That is creating immune reactions that cause blood clots and turbo-cancer.

Why is a short-term gene creating a permanent spike-protein production?

The answer could be that the so-called mRNA vaccines are really permanent DNA plasmid gene therapies that permanently alter all cells in the body, including germ cells that create eggs and sperm. This means that offspring of the vaccinated will be altered as well.

Bobby Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense interviewed a credible medical doctor named Sucharit Bhakdi. He intelligently explained in layman’s terms how these gene therapies work. This is an important interview to watch.

At the 30-minute mark, he mentioned the work by a gene researcher named Kevin McKernan that analyzed vials of Moderna and Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines. He found that 30% of the genetic material was in the form of DNA plasmids and not the promised mRNA. The DNA was also encapsulated in manmade liposomes that would allow it to enter into cells and become a gene therapy. The paper is found here.

Dr. Bhakdi explained how those DNA plasmids would permanently alter the genome, as mentioned above. The ramifications would be unknown. We do know that inserting genes into the native human genome can increase cancer. We also know that the spike-protein created by these gene inserts is deadly.

In the bigger picture, if it is true that the vaccines forced by governments into billions of people have, either intentionally or by reckless manufacturing, altered the human genome, then that would be the biggest crime in the history of mankind. This would be a quantum leap in evil perpetrated by man.

This atrocity is unfathomable. It is beyond the dystopia and Orwell or Huxley. It is worse than anything Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot did in terms of scale and permanence.

Update August 31, 2023-

New study tested humans who had received the COVID gene therapy “vaccines” and found that the man-made, or recombinant, spike protein was still being made by the host cells at least 6-months after injection. This means that the “vaccines” are gene therapies that permanently alter your genes.


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