Exclusive: Large beer garden planned for Pier A esplanade

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Pier A plaza 2April 17, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has learned that the $6 Million paved esplanade adjacent to the Pier A nightclub is scheduled to be turned into a large beer garden. Even though it is public space owned by the state, a special liquor cabaret license application is in the works.

Prior to this news, Pier A was already going to be the largest nightclub in New York City. Now, with a beer garden similar to the Standard Hotel planned, the amount of late night drunks coming into the BPC neighborhood on the weekends, clogging the bridges and tunnels, will be much greater.

Throughout the numerous exhaustive presentations on the progress of the Pier A esplanade, given by the BPCA’s Gwen Dawson, not once was a beer garden been discussed. At the recent CB1 presentation by the Poulakakos team, nothing about a beer garden was announced.

Stay tuned

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3 Responses to Exclusive: Large beer garden planned for Pier A esplanade

  1. mtizzle says:

    OY! This is sounding worse by the minute.

  2. Amy says:

    I am glad I do not live at the Ritz Carlton, which is right across from the the “21-Hour-a day-Party Pier”.

    CB1 had the great insight to grant a liquor license from 7 AM to 4 AM – free flowing booze loud music and even louder drunks 21 hours a day!

  3. jfc says:

    I would much rather go to the Frying Pan anyway.

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