Fox’s Bill O’Reilly reads letter from BatteryPark.TV’s Dr. Steven E Greer

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On July 23rd, I wrote this letter, below, to Bill O’Reilly after he criticized the parents of the six year old girl for taking her to a midnight showing of Batman. He read the highly edited version, in the video above, on Tuesday the 24th:



Come on man. You are indeed blaming the parents of the 6-yo shot in Colorado. Yes. Parents should not be taking young kids to see violent movies at any time of the day, but do you have to bring this up now after that tragedy? Tasteless. Classless.

You are absolutely blaming the victim, just like saying to a rape victim “You should not have worn that skirt”

Also, all of your suggested laws on gun reporting and mandatory criminal penalties are strongly opposed by the NRA, yet you lambasted Bill Moyers for criticizing the NRA. You and Bill agree more than you realize.

People who want gun control are not far left and are not demagogue-ing, as you said. They truly believe in their cause and have plenty of rational evidence to back them up. What is irrational is the NRA’s opposition to any form of logical tracking of guns.

Terrorists can do some major damage right here in the US, as you mentioned.

Steven E. Greer, MD


Bill O’Reilly’s original comments that triggered my letter of outrage. Watch the Colorado affiliate cut the feed.


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  1. fran says:

    i think mental health should be addressed….fran

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