Greer v. Cuomo is a Recurring Theme

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May 30, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

Andrew Cuomo’s name again has crossed my path again. Today, The Supreme Court defended the First Amendment from actions taken by then-Governor Cuomo to force banks to drop the NRA. The cases is called NRA v. Vullo.

Well, I have a case in the NY Court of Appeals to go after Cuomo’s mass murder of elderly after the 2020 COVID outbreak. The U.S. House will grill Cuomo soon about these COVID policies that killed tens of thousands of elderly in nursing homes and hospitals.

I worked with he FBI in 2020 to expose his mass murder schemes in hospitals. Also, the nursing home scandal that made it big in the NY Post was my story (see this legal brief, page 13). I think this is what really drove him out of office. It was not the sex-crime accusations. Those were face-saving excuses to leave office.

Don’t forget, my Greer v. Mehiel that went to SCOTUS was about Cuomo’s corrupt BPCA. I got the entire BPCA fired. That too was a First Amendment case, like NRA v. Vullo. In my SCOTUS writ of certiorari, I explained in 2019 how the First Commandment is under attack. Under the CCP’s O’Biden coup, the First Amendment is on life support.

The next few months will only get worse for Andrew Cuomo. Stay tuned.

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  1. Charles Carroll says:

    Good job Dr Greer!

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