Have you been erroneously billed by Citi Bike?

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Citi Bike 1December 15, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

I noticed $30 of charges on my credit card from Citi Bike and inquired. The docking stations frequently malfunction, accept the bikes, but turn to yellow light instead of green. I do not always have the time to call the 800-number, and I wondered whether I was being charged. It urns out that I was being charged for supposedly leaving the bike out for more than 45-minutes. After many calls and raised blood pressure, Citi Bike refunded me.

Have you had similar experiences?

I was talking to a man who was docking his bike at Liberty and South End. He had been falsely billed as well, so he now gets a paper receipt after each trip.

Post your comments.

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