BPCA uses salt on the sidewalks now that Tess Huxley has been removed

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BPC parks employee chizzeling snowUpdate January 18, 2016- Now that Tessa Huxley has been fired, the parks people are spreading salt instead of the ineffective sand that did nothing but get tracked into buildings.

February 5, 2015- The head of the BPC Parks Conservancy, Tess Huxley, has screwed up royally again. In an effort to be “green”, she has decided to not use salt on the sidewalks, but rather use sand. Of course, this does nothing to melt the ice, and only serves as a source of filth to track into apartments.

In the photo above, a parks employee is chiseling ice as the brown sand on top achieves nothing.

Tess Huxley intentionally allows weeds to grow in Pataki Highway?

Shari Hyman of the BPCA wants to destroy the West Thames grass field

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