It has already begun: The Government-Tech alliance is now using AI to censor opposing views

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June 23, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In my recent interview with Aaron Kheriaty, MD, a plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case of Murthy v. Missouri (or Missouri v. Biden), we discussed how the government-tech alliance will find ways to work around any injunction against humans directly telling social media to censor us. Artificial Intelligent (AI) will be used instead to automatically search for viral messages that oppose the regime and then those search engines will be silenced.

Well, with the decision on Murthy coming this week, the Deep State has already begun this new AI strategy. First, I have noticed how my Internet searches for topics related to 2020 election fraud come up blank, for example.

I also found it implausible that my new book, Rules to Stop Radicals: The China War Edition, has not sold a single book. I know exactly what the pattern of sales for my books has been for years.

Today. I received an email from Amazon stating that they have removed my book Tony’s Virus from the marketplace. The excuse is vague gibberish to give a modicum of pretext for their actions. They claim the book contains content widely available on the Internet and will “disappoint” buyers. That is simply not true. Also, why now after three years is Amazon suddenly noticing this?

This is the email:


During a review, we found your book(s) contain content (text and/or images) that’s widely available on the web, which is considered “disappointing content” for our customers. This is a violation of Kindle Content Quality Guidelines:

Affected titles:

Title: Tony’s Virus: How Tony Fauci became the most powerful man in the world by exploiting a pandemic/ASIN:B09GQP88WH Title:Tony’s Virus: How Tony Fauci became the most powerful man in the world by exploiting a pandemic/ASIN:1091893292

We do not allow content that disappoints our customers or creates a poor shopping experience. As a result, we have removed the books from sale on Amazon.

If you wish to publish this content, notify us with:

  1. The URLs for all websites where this content is published.
  2. An explanation of why the content is widely available on the web.
  3. If the content is in the public domain, include the information you used to make this determination. Additional information may be requested.

As a reminder, we may suspend or terminate accounts that repeatedly try to publish content that creates a disappointing customer experience. If you have questions or believe you’ve received this message in error, please reply to this email.

Amazon KDP”


June 23, 2024-

After writing the above, I learned that The House Judiciary Committee only two days ago learned that Amazon was ordered by The White House to censor books that were critical of the Warp Speed program.

Jim Jordan tweeted:

“In response to a subpoena from @JudiciaryGOP, @Amazon revealed the 43 book titles it censored because of the Biden White House’s pressure. Whether you love or hate the books on this list, no bookstore should be censoring books because of government pressure.”


June 24, 2024-

In retaliation to my cease-and-desist, Amazon has now suspended my entire publishing account, cutting me off from all three books. They sent me an email demanding that I make changes to Tony’s Virus.

I responded by sending their corporate lawyers an “intent to sue” email. I have reached out to the House Judiciary Committee for with subpoena powers.

July 6, 2024-

Microsoft has officially rolled out their integrated AI that records everything you do on your PC. Here is a video commercial. This is the biggest violation of criminal law and constitutional law in a generation, and no one seems to be aware or care.

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  1. Charles Carroll says:

    Tony’s virus is actually a very informative book.

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    Thank you

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