Le District ice cream already blowing away expectations

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Le District ice cream scoopersMay 28, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Astute viewers might have noticed that I take credit often for successful culinary ideas. I claim to have thought of the Chick’n Shack sandwich and the pour-over coffee section at Le District. Well, it is all true.

In the case of Shake Shack, that one new item was responsible for the company raising 2016 estimates for revenue. At the coffee section, they are selling hundreds of cups a day, with long lines.

ice cream le districtThe latest idea of mine to succeed is the ice cream section at Le District. I hounded the owners to do this for a year or so, and explained how their first attempt was all wrong. I recommended an ice cream like Jeni’s from Ohio.

They took my advice and the section is already drawing lines so long that they will be building a second section that has an outdoor service counter. I told them that they would serve at least 500 people per day. They are already way over that, and expanding, as I predicted.

There have been no good ice cream shops in Manhattan, despite the huge demand. I knew this would be a big seller.

Line for Le District ice creamLe district scoops in waffle coneReview: Le District ice cream section

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