Omicron is not to blame for the fourth wave in COVID cases

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December 9, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As I have detailed previously, the scary “Omicron variant” was a propaganda campaign dreamed up by dimwitted Fauci, et al. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, they needed something to deflect the blame from their failed vaccines causing huge increase in COVID cases in Europe and the US.

Clearly, their poorly designed vaccines, that they had been mandating by unconstitutional means (several federal courts have now stopped all aspects of the Biden mandates and many more local judges have acted on city mandates, etc.), were failing. Thus, OMICRON was necessary.

But that ruse has already been exposed. The data on cases throughout the nation clearly show that this fourth wave we are experiencing now occurred before Omicron was dreamed up. Therefore, Omicron is not the virus variant to blame, Delta is.

Why is this important? First, we already know from laboratory assays (i.e., not real human clinical data) that the Omicron has evaded the antibodies created by the vaccines. There is a 40-fold decrease in efficacy. So, if we are seeing such a large spike among the vaccinated, and that is from the Delta variant, then the Omicron wave soon to hit should render the vaccines even more feckless.

And why is that important? Well, the bad actors behind this failed policy (i.e., the CDC, FDA, White Houses of two administrations, and Fauci’s clowns at the NIH) are tripling down and telling us to take MORE shots of a failed therapy. That is insane.

The fact that they started to push boosters months ago should have been the red flag to tell us that their silly mRNA vaccines made against just one spike protein had been outsmarted by Mother Nature. Now, they want boosters after more boosters. They want kids to get boosters. They have zero regard for the serious adverse events we already know about caused by the vaccines, and the unforeseen future problems.

We are living in a new Dark Ages of science that makes the first one seem like child’s play. We have maniacal tyrants hijacking democracies, unelected “healthcare experts” ignoring science and using men with guns or concentration camps, forcing useless vaccines into billions of people. Those same criminals are withholding numerous cheap and effective oral therapies to treat COVID. Even the new blessed-by-Big-Pharma oral pills are being delayed in order to not distract from the vaccine push.

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