Exclusive: P.J. Clarke’s wants your help fighting Brookfield

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PJ Clarkes scaffold 7-16-2014 low resJuly 11, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

If you walk by P.J. Clarke’s during the lunch hour, the popular outdoor dining area will be empty. Only after the work shift do they become packed for dinner service. That is because Brookfield Properties is intentionally smoking them out by claiming that the construction for the surrounding Brookfield Place renovation forces Brookfield to not allow outdoor dining during the day (According to a $40 Million lawsuit brought by P.J. Clarke’s against Brookfield).

The business is so slow now that P.J. Clarke’s had to hold a fundraiser to pay the employees. But they are not leaving, according manager David Meyer.

In fact, P.J. Clarke’s is taking the fight to the public. They have started a campaign to have local diners send postcards directly to Brookfield’s man in charge of leasing, Ed Hogan (see photo below).

The spat between P.J.’s and Brookfield might seem to be of no concern to BPC residents, except that it is causing a serious detriment to the quality of life. Is the scaffolding over P.J.’s outdoor space really required, or, as the lawsuit alleges, are they meant to decrease business to the restaurant and drive them out before their lease is up?

Regardless of the answer, the bottom line is that the scaffolding has turned one of the gems of the community into an eyesore. A Canadian conglomerate of a real estate machine, Brookfield is benefiting from the construction and scaffolding, not the community.

If you support P.J. Clarke’s, or are just fed up with Brookfield being unaccountable to us peasants, you can email Ed Hogan yourself edward.hogan@brookfield.com. It would also be helpful to let Brookfield’s landlord know your views by emailing the Chairman of the BPCA, Dennis Mehiel dennis.mehiel@batteryparkcity.org

Lastly, you are also encourage to join the Friends of BPC block association. Send us an email and we will give you more information.

PJ Clarkes card to Ed Hogan

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3 Responses to Exclusive: P.J. Clarke’s wants your help fighting Brookfield

  1. Roman says:

    Business I’de like to see closed forever in order of priority:
    P.J. Clarks
    Hudson Market on Albany Street

  2. Pandora J. Spelios says:

    I like to see great restaurants stay open. Always. Since I am Greek American this is very important cause to me of course. Really like PJ Clarke’s too. It ‘s a classic.

  3. lucy2012 says:

    During the World Cup P.J.Clarke’s has created a sports stadium-type shouting crowd for those of us who face in their direction. They are usually good about toning down the noise, but loud voices of drunken patrons exiting their place at midnight are a nuisance in the neighborhood. I’ll take them over Brookfield any day, but the midnight rowdiness is not good.

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