Review: Hillstone’s fried chicken sandwich

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Hillstone chicken sandwich

(can you spot the thin layer of chicken?)

February 8, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I was in Midtown and went to Hillstone. I saw that they too now have a fried chicken sandwich, so I tried it, and promptly sent it back. It was disgusting because they used a sugary salad dressing on with the lettuce.

This is a common theme now with Hillstone. The cheeseburger, which I have said for a long time was the best in the city, has now been ruined by a sugary “artificial smoke flavor” sauce. The fish sandwich also has some nauseating secret sauce.

The Hillstone chicken sandwich is wrong on many levels. The chicken meat was pounded into a thin layer, making it obscured by the too-thick bun and pile of lettuce.

As restaurants in New York try to jump on the chicken sandwich bandwagon, it is amazing how many of them fail at this simple item. Momofuku, Blue Smoke, Mighty Quinn’s and others have bombed. Only Shake Shack and Hill Country make good chicken sandwiches (Ironically, I have not yet tried Chick-fil-A).

I ordered the Hillstone French dip sandwich after the chicken sandwich. The manager bragged that they make the bread in-house. Well, the “baguette” was nothing but a normal soft white roll. It did not resemble French bread in the slightest. And, you guessed it, this sandwich too had a layer of sauce on it.Hillsteon French dip

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