Review of the Candace Owens interview of Trump

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January 16, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

I finally got around to watching the Candace Owens interview of Trump she conducted on December 21st. Here are my thoughts:

First, Trump was slurring his speech again. The man is clearly taking amphetamines that his doctor tells him are “cold medicines”.

Secondly, they discussed the 1964 NYT v Sullivan case and said it needs to be reversed. That is the case that required actual intent and malice of a false statement to be proved before a public official can win a defamation suit. However, in this day and age of flagrant collusion between the press and government, and with Project Veritas, etc., showing how CNN has morning conference calls to set the propaganda agenda for the day, why is “actual malice” so hard to prove?

Thirdly, Candace asked why Trump did not pardon Julian Assange. Rather than show regret for being misled by Jared Kushner, Bill Barr, etc., Trump said he was “too nice” to the deep state who hate Assange.

Fourthly, Trump has a mess on his hands with the vaccines he unleashed with his “Warp Speed” gift to Big Pharma. Back in December, he was still defending them as a “great achievement of mankind” and claimed that we would have had a 1917 Spanish Flu otherwise. The man is clearly an idiot who truly believes that nonsense. After this interview, he got a lot of hate mail from his base when he said he got a booster shot, despite having natural immunity. To succeed in 2024, Trump is going to have to start blaming the abuses of the vaccine mandates committed by Biden and distance himself from this entire vaccine crime against humanity, or else no populist will vote for him.

Trump seems to have learned little from his mistakes. He should he assumed until proven otherwise to be too naive to run the country.

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