The American state-sponsored media stirs up Hillary’s emails some more

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May 26, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I despise Hillary Clinton, but I hate Russian-style state-sponsored propaganda in the United States even more.

Once again, before a crucial primary, Obama has his Valerie Jarrett timing some event related to Hillary Clinton’s emails. This time, the State Department’s Inspector General report hits. The timing of that is completely under the control of The White House.

Moreover, the press would never cover an Inspector General report unless the White House told them to cover it. IG reports are numerous and toothless; not newsworthy 99% of the time.

None of this will matter if Obama fails to pull the trigger and indict Hillary. If Hillary sinks in the polls more, look for an indictment. If not, the DOJ will make excuses to drag their feet.

This is American state-sponsored media, as I call it. The top executives who run TV news became seduced by the feeling of being as powerful as the president, and agreed to be puppets of the West Wing, decades ago. I don’t know how far this goes back, but I can spot it now as plain as day.

An honest press is more crucial to our nation than most people realize. It is the only check and balance on power now, since congress became corrupted by lobbyists and the executive branch is too political. I am fighting in federal court for the freedom of the press. I take the scourge of American state-sponsored media very seriously.

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