The best ice cream recipe ever

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Jenis ice cream in bowlJuly 2, 2014- By Chef Greer

The New York Times has a new cooking video that is pretty good at explaining how to make ice cream. However, I have a much better recipe that comes from Ohio, where ice cream was invented.

The best recipe for ice cream is:

  • Walk to Battery Place Market, at 77 Battery Place
  • Open the front door
  • Walk 20-paces to the back freezer
  • Purchase Jeni’s Ice Cream, imported from Ohio

Jeni’s began to get national attention because of the clever flavors she made. She was the first to use Cayenne pepper mixed with chocolate, for example.

Her flavors are not just weird gimmicks. They are masterfully chosen, just as the best chefs would create new entrees. That is why she won “Best Ice Cream in the World” by US News and World Report, and other magazines.

I tried out her Whiskey and Pecan (butter pecan). It was noticeably creamier, with an added touch of salt. It was out of this world.

Jenis ice cream in pint whiskey pecan

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3 Responses to The best ice cream recipe ever

  1. Bill says:

    my family in Cleveland is crazy for Jeni’s ice cream!

  2. BPCdude says:

    I agree, we just tried the Whiskey and Pecan the other day, and it was very good. However the $12.95 price was a little steep!

  3. Editor says:

    It is expensive to ship frozen goods from Ohio. It is very affordable in Ohio. Overall, you will pay $12 for a single cocktail. Keep it in perspective.

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