How Mighty Quinn’s destroys good meat

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Brisket at Mighty QuinnsDecember 27, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

After my enjoyable delivery of a half chicken the week before, I walked to the Mighty Quinn’s for a brisket dinner to avoid the $8 delivery fee. The meat was nice and affordable, but the arrogant hipster chef thinks that this is all he has to serve: meat. As a result, the Mighty Quinn’s brisket, and most other platters, are nothing but chunks of protein.

Mighty quinns bad plating of brisket and beansThey also cut the meat incorrectly. They should leave the long strips intact, but instead, they cut the beautiful BBQ strips in the middle and stack it all into an unsightly cube. The plating is just horrible.

The side dishes that are are available, such as the baked beans or mashed sweet potato, are no good either. They have tons of sugar added. Again, they are “plated” horribly too. The beans are slopped into cups with junk spilling over the edges of the cups (see photo).

The menu items at Mighty Quinn’s are not meals, even when combined with a sugary carb side. They are hunks of meat with gross pickled relishes passed of as “sides”. They are unhealthy and woefully lacking.


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