The Great Reset Watch: 2-10-2022

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Great Reset Watch:

  • Trudeau will be ousted soon
  • Ottawa Police Say They Have Enlisted Help of Child Services, Have Not Ruled Out Taking Truckers’ Children
  • Canadian cops steal truckers’ fuel despite court order against it
  • Paris Police Bar Entry of French Freedom Convoy to Capital
  • New Zealand: 120 NZ Freedom Convoy Protestors Arrested in Police Crackdown
  • Australian Nazis arrest female nude protestors
  • Police could contact Boris Johnson TODAY in PartyGate probe
  • Hero smeared by propaganda: Police arrest Mesa County clerk who promoted Trump’s false election claims
  • Man who tried to burn Minnesota school during BLM riots gets probation
  • Psaki accuses Gov. DeSantis of “standing in the way” of Joe Biden— Ya, that’s the point
  • Adele Attacked by Pronoun Police for Saying She Loves ‘Being a Woman’ at Gender-Neutral Brit Awards
  • Man tries to rape woman on NYC subway train
  • Good news. Biden’s HHS is no longer funding crack pipes. But make no mistake: yesterday’s change in policy is because HHS got caught.
  • January 6, 2021 infamous pipe bomb was planted at DNC building. VP Harris for unknown reasons was at DNC building on January 6. Her security found the bomb. Hmmm. Seems plot a psyops plant.
  • Holy moly, this is major. Judge McFadden, who’s gone along with every DOJ demand for over a year, blasts prosecutors for lying about Kamala Harris’ whereabouts on January 6.

Crimes Against Humanity

  • I believe this is the 1st confirmed post-vax myocarditis death in the US: “Because he wanted to take his classes in person, George Jr. needed to be fully vaccinated” “An autopsy report … shows George Jr. died from “COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis”
  • A reminder that CNN Hack and absolute Medical Tyrant @DrLeanaWen Doesn’t Want Unvaccinated Americans to Participate in Civil Society Because They Didn’t Make the Same Medical Decisions She Did. This is EVIL. Incredibly Bizarre.
  • CNN’s Covid “Expert” @DrLeanaWen Just Got EXPOSED for Being a Complete HACK (she ran Planned Parenthood and killed babies for a living. Now, she feigns empathy for kids. She is as evil as Stalin, PolPot, Hitler, and Jeffrey Dahlmer)
  • Sen Marshall: Forcing children to wear masks is child abuse.
  • Fauci and his NIH Bioethics wife argued in 2002 to allow third-world-country clinical trials to be of lesser safety and oversight than those in the US. Rule of thumb: anyone calling themselves a medical ethicist is simply using Orwellian doublespeak to explain their real jobs, which is to rationalize atrocities

Propaganda Watch (No story in this category is truthful):

  • CDC’s ever changing definition of “vaccination” to allow a non-working vaccine to qualify
  • NBC Cheers Eileen Gu Dumping USA to Join China’s Olympic Team
  • Amazing compilation of media elites denouncing Canada’s Freedom Convoy. “Sedition. Insurrection. A threat to democracy.” “This city is under siege.” “Insurrection by airhorn.” “There haven’t been any violent outbursts however horns have been honking.”
  • NPR: What a bottle of ivermectin reveals about the shadowy world of COVID telemedicine
  • CNN: An unvaccinated truck driver died from Covid-19. His mom has a message for protesting Canadian truckers
  • CNN’s Alisyn Camerota admits she is “out of ideas for what to do about Joe Rogan”
  • “We know that with Omicron it’s actually more severe in children than in adults” – Eric Feigl-Ding on MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Show.

Vaccine and Mask Mandate Watch:

  • Hawaii Will Not Mandate Booster Shots for Travelers
  • Illinois Governor lifts mask mandates: because the science changed overnight
  • Nevada lifts
  • Abrupt end to mask mandates reflects a shifting political landscape
  • White House Counters Democrat Governors: Wear Masks ‘Everywhere in the Country … Including Schools’
  • HHS Sec clown Xavier Becerra ditches mask at Biden event as White House stands firm on face coverings

Data front:

  • Dr. Makary: Big tech was not happy about our JAMA study on natural immunity. LinkedIn took it down (censored my post below). The data doesn’t fit the narrative. Li re-instated my post after a friend compl to the CEO. Sorry if Silicon Valley did not *like* the results
  • Johns Hopkins: our JAMA paper on natural immunity prevalence and durability has the 7th highest altmetric score of all 31,154 JAMA papers ever published since altmetric began — wow!! guess we identified an important topic to study 🙂
  • Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021 Conclusions and Relevance  Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men. This risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

Healthcare Business News:

  • FBI LETTER show Biden FBI and Pfizer partner to target Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.
  • Eric Lander had between $500,000 to $1million in BioNTech stock: President Biden’s now-disgraced outgoing top science adviser Eric Lander held stocks in BioNTech as we was peddling the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in his official role. (This was on the Apple propaganda news app, so they are going after Pfizer)
  • “The Top Owner of Spotify Is Also The Top Owner of Moderna”

Other News:

  • Inflation hits 40-year high at 9%. Mortgage rates jump.
  • Real hourly earnings -1.7%, 10th month in a row US incomes aren’t keeping up with inflation
  • Whoa! Inflation breakdown: Used cars 40.5% y/y Gas 40% Rental cars 29% Utility gas 24% Hotels 21% Furniture 20% Bacon 18% Steak 17% Peanut Butter 15.5% Pork 14.5% Fish 13% Eggs 13% New cars 12% Electric 11% Chicken 10% Oranges 10%
  • California tries even harder to make companies leave the state: CA sues Tesla over bogus racial discrimination matter but leaves non-diverse, mostly white, Google and Facebook alone
  • Why a High-Ranking FBI Attorney Is Pushing ‘Unbelievable’ Junk Science on Guns
  • Banning stock trading for Congressional members and their immediate family could prove to far more effective than term limits at reforming Congress.
  • 2 separate investigations concluded Cuomo broke state & federal law when he sexually harassed members of his staff, yet not a single institution has meaningfully held him responsible for the harm he’s caused.
  • Biden Tells the World About His Multiple Aneurysms While Having an Aneurysm on LIVE TV
  • Tesla recalls 579K more cars — its fourth over the last 2 weeks
  • Florida Man


Two years ago, when these vaccines were being developed, the federal government announced that they would be paying for them. I did not take the time to dive into the financial models. I’m not sure anyone knew the details at the time anyway.

It was unclear to me whether or not these drug companies would profit much. Also, we all assume that they would be one time shots, not ongoing therapies.

Well, earnings have come out and Pfizer is reporting that their vaccine is by far the largest selling drug in the history of drugs. CVS pharmacy also reported earnings and profited from the vaccines. All of these clinics administering vaccines immediately get reimbursed a hefty amount from the government.

I think this is going to contribute to the vaccine backlash. There are plenty of traditional liberals who really don’t like this type of profiteering by Big Pharma. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can’t defend this type of profiteering. It’s all very bad optics for Big Pharma.

In addition, Pfizer has a huge scandal on their hands. They committed fraud with their clinical trials and tried to cover it up, but federal judges are allowing the documents to come out.


I might’ve mentioned previously my troubles getting unpasteurized fresh orange juice in Fort Worth at the Trader Joe’s. It came in a container that was not like the ones I had seen in Florida and it was rancid. It was giving me some intestinal problems I was basically being food poison.

Well up here in Ohio I’m getting the Normal containers I’m used to and they taste delicious. So what in the world would cause Texas to be unable to get supplies of fresh squeezed orange juice?

Ironically, Fort Worth is this big hub of transportation. I’ve never seen more semi trucks and huge warehouses in my life.

The local Trader Joe’s just must’ve been screwing up their inventory.

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