Theories about why communism fails are all wrong

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November 18, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I just had a big thought. I’m no political scientist, so maybe in certain small rare academic circles this has been discussed, or perhaps the CIA knows it as well, but I have never heard anyone discuss the following:

Whenever the poor living conditions and oppression of communist or totalitarian nations are discussed, it is always in reference as to whether or not capitalism is superior to communism. People point to the poverty in Russia or East Germany, for examples, as failures of communism as an economic theory. But no, they have it all wrong.

In totalitarian states, the leaders intentionally oppress the people and intentionally destroy the economy. Successful middle-class or upper-class wealthy people are too hard to control. Miserable people afraid for their next meal are easy to control. Marie-Antoinette infamously said, “let them eat cake”, or so the myth goes.

This is exactly what we are seeing now in this country. The Marxists behind Black Lives Matter and the new Democrat party are intentionally destroying the economy with their fearmongering of the Wuhan virus because they want us to be miserable and poor. They want us to be living on government welfare checks. They don’t want a prosperous nation.

I have often scratched my head at the Democrat governor strategies to destroy their own economies and anger their voter base. They have been coaxed by the thought leaders into doing this, convinced that they will steal power from President Trump and never give it back. If they can rig the presidential election, then they will not have to ever worry about their own elections because it will all be sham elections going forward.

North Korea, for example, is one of the poorest nations on the planet despite being right next to a prosperous South Korea. That is not because the philosophies of communism failed, as the bearded economists want us to believe. Kim Jong-un is intentionally starving his people. That fat dictator can only control desperately poor people. Of course, Lenin and then Stalin starved tens of millions of their people too. Also, most of the famines in Africa have been intentionally caused by warlords, and so on. These have not been failures of economic policies. They have been acts of genocide.

Now, here in the United States, Governors Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, etc. are stifling your freedom of speech, closing schools and churches, because free speech is a threat to totalitarianism. They are now testing the limits of our passiveness by trying to order us to not celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah as the ultimate show of power. They want endless lockdowns because they would rather hold onto power in a depressed economy than lose control in a free democracy. They will always have $20,000 freezers full of Jeni’s Ice Cream, ala Nancy Pelosi, or be able to dine at the French Laundry, ala Gavin Newsom, just like all of the aristocracies before them.

These utterly stupid and incompetent leaders, people who could not manage a discount tire store if they had to, are trying to put on a “shock and awe” show of power while simultaneously destroying our livelihoods. They know that they are pulling off a banana republic constitutional coup and, if they get away with it, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people. Everything one sees now, such as pushing the envelope to destroy the December holidays and Thanksgiving, is just a testing of the waters to see if they can control us. They are fully planning on four years of strong rebellion.

We are witnessing crimes against humanity that the Nuremberg trials first exposed after World War 2. Untold number of people have already been directly murdered in nursing homes by state policies designed to kill them. Many more will die due to the healthcare system being shuttered. Children are being deprived of crucial education during their formative years. If there is not the equivalent of the Nuremberg trials when President Trump wins in the courts for a second term, a dangerous precedent will have been set.

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  1. CN says:

    So insightful. The taking of property of middle class hard-working people, through taxation and otherwise is an absolute Marxist doctrine that we see boldly in play now, which has been slowly but surely creeping into our lives over time. Coupled with the attempts to destroy freedom of religion and a thirst for war and violences. Electoral fraud has taken it to a new level. Marxist forces are trying to destroy productive and strong societies built upon Judeo-Christian values. God Bless us and the U.S.A., the last frontier of freedom.

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