Time to Wake Up: We Are in A Post-Constitutional America

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July 10, 2024- by Steven Greer

There is now a new federal injunction (much like the one from Missouri v. Biden that was struck by the Supreme Court in Murthy v. Biden (see below)) to protect our First Amendment rights. How is this good news possible with all of the fuss made about Murthy?

(It is complicated, but I was correct. I mentioned this in June after the Murthy decision was published. No one else I saw mentioned this. Greer knows.)

Well, good ole Bobby Kennedy had his own private lawsuit (Kennedy v. Biden (3:23-cv-00381)) against the Biden administration for being censored. It was so similar to Missouri v. Biden that the cases were merged for the sake of discovery. However, Kennedy’s lower court injunction was only put on hold until 10-days after the Supreme Court ruled on Murthy v. Biden. It was not killed.

That date expired on July 7 and the lower court judge denied government motions to stay the injunction further. Here is the Order from today reactivating the injunction. There is now, once again, a powerful injunction preventing the White House, et al from controlling the social media companies and telling them to silence voices that oppose the Regime.

The government filed today an emergency appeal. However, the Fifth Circuit upheld the Missouri v. Biden injunction. Therefore, the Kennedy v. Biden injunction will certainly be upheld, meaning the Supreme Court will have to weigh in next year.

All of this is crucial. The election and or Republic is at stake.

As soon as SCOTUS gave the Deep State permission to continue violating the First Amendment in Murthy, they escalated their behavior. For example, I had my book Tony’s Virus taken down by Amazon in a digital book burning move. With the deep state stealing the elections in France and the UK last week, the momentum was growing for totalitarian actions here. Without this injunction, the Biden three-letter agencies would have gone unchecked and shut down all forms of communication that they did not control.

The totalitarian shadow forces controlling The White House have openly bragged about ignoring recent SCOTUS decisions. Biden is still prosecuting J6 hostages despite SCOTUS ruling they cannot. Biden went ahead and forgave student loans, ignoring SCOTUS. Court documents are just paper to them. Will this injunction be ignored? Will Facebook or Amazon, for example, still side with the Deep State or will they refuse to abide by the the fascist orders to censor?

Stay tuned.

June 26, 2024- by Steven Greer

The feckless and compromised Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court refused to defend the constitution again today. The most important case before it in a long time, Murphy v. Missouri, went in favor of the government, allowing the White House, CISA, Surgeon General, CDC, FBI, et al to continue blatant violations of the First Amendment. One lower court decision called the violations “Orwellian”.

These three-letter agencies were caught red-handed ordering social media companies to censor and silence anything that opposed the virtues of the Pfizer/Moderna gene therapies, mask and vaccine mandates, etc. Emails and depositions proved that on numerous occasions a John Doe from the White House, for example, would pressure and coerce Jane Doe at Facebook to ban an account or deamplify it. There was even book burning taking place in a digital way, as Amazon was asked by The White House to not sell or make invisible 43 books that were critical of vaccines (my three books were recently shut down by Amazon).

All of the above was undeniable, but to stop it would cause the scary deep state to retaliate against the weak Supreme Court justices. So, Chief Justice Roberts used a legal maneuver to ignore the merits and claim instead that the plaintiffs lacked standing, which is absurd.

The lower court case is ongoing and the Missouri Attorney General pledged to carry on the fight. However, the preliminary injunction granted by the district court was struck down, thus allowing the deep state to interfere with the 2024 election just as they did in 2020.

Chief Justice Roberts and the Trojan Horse fake conservate justices, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, have been refusing to defend the United States Constitution ever since the 2020 coup occurred. In February of 2021, SCOTUS declined to even hear lawsuits from five swing states challenging the election results. In October of 2022, SCOTUS turned away a lawsuit by 10 states challenging Biden’s vaccine mandate on any healthcare entity receiving Medicare money.

The Supreme Court seems to have been actually aiding the coup. The 2022 midterm elections were not the “red wave” for Republicans people expected because SCOTUS handed the left a rare winning message by banning abortion in the Dobbs case. The decision was leaked ahead of the election. The person committing that crime has conveniently never been caught.

In criminal courts across the country, the Constitution is being ignored to allow for the prosecution of political foes. It is so bad that the House has a “Weaponization of the DOJ” committee.

For example, in Fulton County, Georgia, the corrupt DA there, Fani Willis, indicted more than 20 high-level Trump associates, and President Trump, for no legitimate reason. The case has been tossed out by a court of appeals and Fani could be sent to jail for embezzlement. Undeterred, the illegitimate AG in Arizona has begun a similar process. In New York, the most corrupt criminal trial, perhaps ever, resulted in President Trump being convicted for crimes that were literally never disclosed, and by a jury that was not unanimous. In other criminal courts, under the guise of “bail reform”, anarchist DA’s are refusing to prosecute murderers and rapists while unequally prosecuting innocent people, violating the 14th Amendment.

Back to the Supreme Court, even when it does rule in a meaningful way, the White House brags about ignoring the court. SCOTUS struck down a Biden order to forgive student debt, then Biden went ahead and did it anyway, and there were no repercussions. Also, SCOTUS has defended gun rights in the Second Amendment many times, but the same “Murthy” in the case above, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, outlandishly categorized “gun violence” as a “public health crisis” in order to use those same powers that were abused after the 2020 pandemic. There is already a law passed in March that created “red flag laws” allowing the FBI to raid homes of anyone that a neighbor reports.

The United States now has a Supreme Court refusing to enforce the Constitution and an Executive Branch ignoring SCOTUS rulings that it does not like.

It is time for every sane American to wake up and realize that the Constitution no longer matters under this government. This is the Wild West. Nobody from the federal government is coming to save us.

Our only hope is with strong governors in red states, like Texas, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Nevada, etc. Those leaders must anticipate further actions by a rogue federal government willing to do anything to maintain power. Also, private actors, such as Elon Musk and other oligarchs who are jumping on the Trump bandwagon, can help.



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