Tony Fauci ousted

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August 22, 2022- by Steven Greer, MD

One day before a GAO report is set to hit that will expose wrongdoing by Tony Fauci’s NIH, the CDC, the FDA, etc, ole Tony Virus decides to quit. This GAO report is also why the CDC’s Rochelle Walensky rushed out a whitewash report about her corruption.

This GAO report is just the start of the Nurmeberg Trials 2.0 that will come once Rand Paul and Jim Jordan take over the congressional hearings process.

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2 Responses to Tony Fauci ousted

  1. Ray and Judy says:


    We PTL with you and all the others that must be rejoicing.

    Thanks for all your exposure of the REAL TRUTH also,

    Ray and Judy

  2. Editor says:

    Thank you. Please tell your friends who were at the meeting to email me and I will add them to the blast email list.

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