Tony Virus’ Deep State still plans on forcing vaccinations after the scamdemic ends

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February 16, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

With the school closures, mask mandates, and vaccine passports backfiring on the Great Reset Gang’s lower-level soldiers who actually have to worry about the masses in order to become re-elected, the Democrat party has broken ranks with the Klaus Schwab Spectre elites who sit protected in their mansions, including the White House. States and cities run by Democrats have moved to lifted the restrictions as the CDC contradicts them. The hypocrisy was becoming untenable for the vulnerable Democrats (ala the Mayor of Los Angeles and B-list celebrities going maskless at the Super Bowl in LA). Given that the deadly form of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus mutated into the less virulent Omicron long ago, the feckless walking-dead leaders feel comfortable proclaiming that “the pandemic is ending”.

Meanwhile, the gene-therapy mRNA “vaccines”, which have now become repeat-use therapeutic drugs earning far more revenue than any other drug in history (i.e., $37 Billion for Pfizer alone, not counting Moderna and the pharmacies like CVS reaping profits as well), have lost all efficacy and the evidence is now undeniable that they are killing people. Therefore, the vaccine requirements should certainly be lifted as well, a rational person would think.

But no. The same Deep State telling Joe Biden and the CDC to keep pushing for the mask mandates have not given up on their plan to turn one-time “vaccines” into the biggest blockbuster drugs in history. Pfizer and the Big Pharma peers are integral members of the Great Reset Gang. Their lobbying cash has tremendous control over Australia, Canada, Europe, and America. An undercover video made by Project Veritas shows an FDA official admitting that, “Joe Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible…You’ll have to get an annual shot…“They’re [FDA] not going to NOT approve it”

Watch here as the Tony Virus (AKA Anthony Fauci) tells propagandists at CNN that future boosters will be highly effective against future variants of the Chinese coronavirus. Of course, the exact opposite is true. The current boosters have no efficacy and future versions of the virus will develop far faster than the companies can make matching “vaccines”. There has never been a good vaccine against any form of coronavirus for this reason.

What about the safety of never-ending gene therapies that cause the patient to generate viral spike proteins on their own human cells? The CDC’s VAERS database indicates that at least 23,000 people have been killed by the vaccine. Coroners are starting to become bold enough to attribute the vaccines as the direct cause of death. Numerous sources are revealing how the vaccines terminate pregnancies at high rates. To counter that reality, the evil propagandists at CNBC (owned by Comcast) and CNN (Owned by AT&T) are running stories claiming the opposite of the truth, that the vaccines are beneficial to the fetus.

Tony Fauci has no way of turning back. He is in too deep. Therefore, he will keep committing worse and worse crimes against humanity. He is the leader of this vaccine arm of the Deep State. He must be removed immediately. There would be bipartisan support for that.

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