Unprecedented propaganda by establishment media: NYPD Commissioner Bratton on CBS

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August 3, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Bill Bratton, the NYPD Commissioner, was pushed out of office after federal investigations into bribery of his top cops revealed that the commissioner was also accepting gifts. Many politicians said “good riddance” when it was announced. Before this, he was accused of lying about crime stats, and had to endure numerous cop shooting deaths of unarmed blacks. Black Lives Matter was demanding his head just last week.

Meanwhile, CBS News was in a pickle because they employ Bratton, his wife Rikki Klieman, and his right-hand man John Miller. Establishment CBS thought it was a good idea to embed in the NYPD.

This morning, as we predicted, the “CBS This Morning” show buried the Bratton news until their second hour of the show. Then, they allowed him to try to first spew anti-Trump rhetoric for the first part of the interview. Finally, “Mr. Establishment”, Charlie Rose, asked one softball question, “How did you decide to leave now?”

This is an unprecedented level of propaganda and dishonesty by the establishment media. A free press is one of the few things that separates the United States from oligarch government, such as Russia and China. We are now beyond that slippery slope, and our American state-sponsored media is no better than Russia’s.

From now on, June 8th is “First Amendment Day”

Get to know your rights granted by The Constitution

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  1. Lawrence E. Brecht says:

    Well written as usual…keep up the libertarian constitutional pressure!!!

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