BPCA board meeting today

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Martha Gallo BPCA 1-22-2015June 7, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

On June 8th, you can see Shakespeare in The Battery, but you can also see real drama at 12:30 when the BPCA is scheduled to convene a board meeting. BatteryPark.TV has a federal court order telling the BPCA to let us in this time. Stay tuned.

You are also encouraged to attend the meeting for these other reasons:

  • Will the BPCA continue to break state law and not allow questions?
  • Will Martha Gallo show up or was she ousted from the board?
  • Why does the West Thames cancer turf filed fence look so bad?
  • Why is the BPCA not taking care of the weeds by the bike path?
  • Has Dennis Mehiel been re-appointed as Chairman?
  • Why was Brookfield allowed to close off the public park marina?
  • Why is the BPCA lease with the city and state not being renewed, which is causing your property values to plummet?
  • Are the bonds issued by the BPCA really just junk bonds instead of AAA?
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  1. Vince McGowan says:

    What are the rules of the public space that private security enforces?

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