Did Comrade de Blasio Show New York Sheep the Light?

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December 29, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This week, the Mayor de Blasio vaccine mandates on the private sector went into effect despite similar mandates on public employees being stricken by local judges. Shockingly, the New York Police Department enforced the new rules by arresting a 5-yo daring to eat pizza in a restaurant without a vaccine, and other Nazi-SS-like arrests caught on camera.

Comrade de Blasio actually did America a favor with this ill-conceived pandering to the communists on his way out the door. In Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, etc., they used these fascist totalitarian police measures long ago. It awakened those socialist sheep. Millions of people got out into the streets and violently protested. People in London were beating up the unarmed police recently. These were not peaceful protests of harmless sheep. As a result, the UK and Germany decided this week to back off from new lockdown measures.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers have been bubble-wrapped sheep insulated from these worldly problems. They have been in complete denial. The worst they have experienced so far was briefly being unable to dine out at fancy restaurants.

That all changed this week when the NPYD Stormtroopers were mobilized. Comrade de Blasio is even suggesting that teams will go door to door to force vaccines into arms, as they are doing in the UK.

All of this could be the final wake-up call to make the New York lambs realize what is going on. Freedom is never appreciated until it is lost. It will cause the new mayor to erase these policies and steer the city back to sanity.

2021 has been an epic failure for Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset puppets whom he appointed to run the EU, Canada, Australia, and the US. China is self-imploding economically. 2022 will get uglier as these cornered commies become desperate. They will amp up their supply chain sabotage, try again to pass trillions in spending, etc., all in an attempt to destroy the current paradigm of capitalism using economic warfare. The virus pandemic was just a fluke that happened at the right time, which they attempted to exploit. They succeeded in getting rid of Trump, but they lost the bigger war.

All of the communist secret strategies that have worked so well for many decades, such as quietly infiltrating the education industry, have now been fully exposed in this Age of Transparency. Only the truly delusional cult members or morons cannot see the stark differences between the Great Reset fascists hiding behind the pretext of wokeness and normal people trying to live a free life.

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One Response to Did Comrade de Blasio Show New York Sheep the Light?

  1. Chester says:

    Thousands looted and shoplifted throughout NYC last summer
    Violent criminals attacking the elderly and being released to do it the next day while deranged mental patients are throwing people on subway tracks

    and the NYPD is arresting a 5 year old pizza eater —- seriously?

    I defended the police but this is disgusting.
    Will they try the Nuremberg excuse —- we were only following orders
    That didn’t work too well in 1945

    I watched the videos of capital police beating and killing unarmed women on Jan 6 in the tunnel and it’s

    Getting very hard to back the blue ….

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