Greer v The Deep State Censorship Apparatus

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In a nutshell, I aim to hire real lawyers (as opposed to me doing it pro se) to sue the same three-letter corrupt agencies that are defendants in Missouri v. Biden (i.e., CISA, White House, etc.). I learned that I have been heavily blacklisted and silenced since at least 2012 after my WSJ articles exposed Obamacare fraud.

I also plan to sue private actors, such as the medical journals, because they collude with these government actors. That makes them fair game to be sued for First Amendment and other constitutional violations. To my knowledge, I am the only one to think of this strategy (There is ample case law). The NCLA, etc. have focused only on the government. Well, the government has immunity and is nearly impossible to sue, as we saw in the recent loss in the Supreme Court (Murthy v. Missouri).

I have already prevailed in the 5th Circuit with a lawsuit against The Lancet. It was remanded to lower court. However, I do not want to take on the immense deep state by myself as a pro se litigant. I need a team of lawyers.

You should invest with me if you want to win. I know how to litigate and win.


Steven E. Greer, MD


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