How we got a Woke Pope puppet of the Great Reset

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April 17, 2022- by Steven Greer

I distinctly recall many years ago the Catholic Church being the target of a lot of far-left media attacks. It was deserved because of the massive gay pedophile scandals that would not go away.

Well, it just occurred to me that I have not seen any attacks on the Catholic Church lately. That is because they got a puppet of the Great Reset and The Woke Pope.

The honey trap for other people was the Jeffrey Epstein orgy island, etc. The honey trap that compromised the entire Catholic Church was the rampant gay pedophilia.

That is why Pope Francis used Good Friday to sound like a Critical Race Theory hack at your local school board. His speech was about how we are all racists. Add the Pope to the long list of powerful people propped on stage by Klaus Schwab, et al.

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2 Responses to How we got a Woke Pope puppet of the Great Reset

  1. Larry says:

    Sadly, the path to the corruption of the current Catholic Church was begun in the 1850’s.They took the long view and the plan of many powers finally paid off.

    The Sankt Gallen Mafia and those who plotted with the secular powers that be have worked for 70 years to get a Marxist in the Seat of Saint Peter. The Second Vatican Council was the beginning of the end of the Catholic Church as we knew it (those of us above 60 years of age).

    This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory (although most “conspiracy theories” have oddly come true in the last 5 years…) but fact. The Catholic Church has been co-opted by the Darkest Of Forces…Just read with an open mind and CHECK THE REFERENCES, in the book “Infiltration” by Taylor Marshall. Read and go learn more on your own.

  2. Editor says:

    All of the SCOTUS are Catholic but for one. Coincidence?

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