I am the Mothman

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April 2, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

I accidentally spent about an hour with my “constituents” last night.[1] My father had lost his cell phone and I had to go to Walmart to buy a burner phone. It was a Friday evening. This was rural Ohio 30-miles north of Columbus.

The folks in that store represented probably half of America. They had low incomes. They were the product of our public schooling system. They were probably working hard jobs and getting paid minimum wage.

Almost all of them were morbidly obese. The Big Food industry is taking advantage of them.[2]

Next to me was heavyset mother with about a 10-year-old daughter complaining about how a teacher was inappropriate and got fired. The daughter was dressed like a boy due to the propaganda push to promote transgenderism in schools. It was one living example of the impact of the Great Reset communist agenda driven by the teachers union across the nation. It is impacting even Central Ohio.

This country is on the edge of a Great-Depression-type meltdown. In about three months, all of those people in Walmart last night will be in modern-day bread lines.[3] We are in the beginning of a recession and the economists will not admit it for months or years to come.[4]

Richard Gere made a movie called The Mothman Prophecies. In a nutshell, it was about how he could predict bad events. It focused on a bridge collapsing in West Virginia over the Ohio River. Last night reminded me of that. I feel like I am the Mothman.

[1] If the federal courts delay the Ohio primary on April 20, I will add my name to the ballot for Ohio’s 12th District and primary the Republican incumbent)

[2] The Pandemic of Fast Food

[3] Look for food prices to double by September

[4] We are already in a depression thanks to gas prices and the economist won’t tell you for three-months


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