The politics of masks

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March 7, 2022- Mask mandate signs in the Capitol now trashed as poll numbers show the Democrats losing badly in the 2022 mid-terms.

August 14, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Topping the news today is Joe Biden’s announcement that he would create a federal order mandating the wearing of face masks to somehow prevent deaths from the Wuhan virus. Actually, what he said was that he thinks there should be a federal mandate now, from Trump, but only for the next three-months, until the election. Well, at least he is honest about it. This is clearly a political stunt designed to support the notion that it is too dangerous to vote in person and mail-in ballots are required.

The idea for this announcement by Biden came from the polling that shows 70% of Americans would be in favor of a national mask mandate. But is that an accurate or misleading poll? Are Americans really perfectly fine with being forced to wear masks?

Currently, 16 states do not have mask mandates and they are all states with Republican governors. However, 10 other Republican states do have mask mandates. Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas are states that voted for Trump and yet their governors have been Republicans in name only (RINO) when it comes to pandemic issues. Mike DeWine of Ohio and Gregg Abbott of Texas, for examples, have been fearmongering and harming the economy as much as the liberal states with governors scheming to hurt Trump by stalling his economy. Will those RINOs be rewarded or punished when they come up for re-election? Will Joe Biden score a win with his federal mask stunt?

This is what I think will happen. I think that Americans might answer a poll in a way to sound responsible, or simply be afraid to say what they really believe. I think that there is a strong disapproval for mask mandates and that most people who will vote are smart enough to know that the Democrats are fearmongering to hurt Trump. They look around and see no one falling ill at all, much less dying. They see the disconnect between the daily fearmongering propaganda and reality.

In states, such as Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia, there has been a very low prevalence of illness caused by the Wuhan virus. The approval rating for Mike DeWine, for example, is very low among Trump voters because of his overreaction to the scamdemic. I think that many of these Republican governors of states with mask mandates will be voted out of office.

In the presidential election, what Biden says about anything does not matter. People are going to re-elect Trump with a wide margin of victory because the economy made a fast “V-shaped” recovery, people are sick and tired of the scamdemic destroying their livelihoods and personal liberties, and most of the “likely voters” see the Black Lives Matter rioting and far-left strategies of the Democrats as a Marxist revolution.

Trump could turn the Biden mask comments against him with a judo move. He should emphasize that the states have the rights to govern how they see fit, and that no science shows that masks help reduce deaths in general populations. Trump should expose how the Democrats are trying to destroy millions of lives and the economy for the purpose of gaining power.

From hereon, pretty much anything the lame Democrat strategists tell Biden to say can be used against them in a heartbeat. They are the same dimwits who got the Democrat party into this sad condition.

(Dr. Greer was the first person in the country to advocate on TV that masks could be an optional safety measure. Before that, he has advocated for masks to be worn during the regular flu season and on airplanes.)

Update August 25, 2020- That was fast. Ohio’s legislature drafts articles of impeachment against Governor DeWine for his irrational lockdown and mask mandates. I told you so.

Update October 28, 2020- The election is a few days away and a Democrat-supporting PAC is running these pro-mask TV spots. This is all to make people miserable in hopes that they “vote for change” at the polls.

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  1. Carlos S says:

    Twitter banned trump supporter Greg Michell bc he criticized wearing masks
    So much for free speech
    Twitter is as bad as the fascists who took control of Cuban media before my father left

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