There Will Likely Be No Election in 2024

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June 9, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

President Trump is more popular than ever after his bogus kangaroo court criminal conviction. He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, even from former Democrats in Silicon Valley, and is receiving large crowds welcoming him in liberal states like California and New York. However, it is all a distraction and meaningless. There will likely be no election at all in a few months.

The same shadow forces staging this coup (which I believe is China), who have propped up a brain-damaged cadaver is their Manchurian President, are not bothering to campaign against Donald Trump. They know they have no chance if there is an election. Their only option is to derail the entire election.

On Saturday, these so-called “Pro-Palestine” CCP-organized riots, that began on soft-target campuses, have now expanded to Washington DC. In a genuine insurrection (unlike the January 6 hoax), they surrounded the White House and threw smoke bombs onto the lawn (where did they get those?). Then, they proceeded to vandalize sacred war memorials nearby. The Secret Service and Capitol Police were reported by the press to have “retreated”. That is likely not what happened. They were probably told to not stop the fake protestors, just as local police have not stopped them on campuses.

This unrest is all setting the stage for what I believe will be an eventual armed uprising by these sleeper cells. Credible people, ranging from Elon Musk to FBI Director Wray before congressional hearings recently, have warned that the hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing the border are fighting-age males, many of whom are Muslim Jihadists or members of the Chinese Communist Party, who can easily pick up weapons and start shooting soft targets. If they were to do that, it would give the pretext for the White House to suspend the Constitution and initiate wartime powers, like Justin Trudeau did in Canada.

Of course, Lincoln did this too throughout the Civil War and the Harvard elites planning all of this know that. Lincoln suspended the Constitution and got away with it. He is viewed as a hero now. That is why, I believe, the coup is trying to start a Second Civil War.

With Robert Kennedy in the race peeling away votes from Biden, Trump being so popular, and with election-reform laws being passed, I do not believe they can rig the election again like they did in 2020. As Trump says, it is too big to rig. Instead, I believe their only option is to stop the election.

Anyone posting on Twitter about some meaningless survey poll showing Trump in the lead, or getting excited about Trump raising money, are fools. They have not learned a thing from the past 12-years or more. Everyone should assume that there will be no fair election if we sit by and allow these shadowy forces to get away with it.

I have been getting involved with local politics lately, talking to county commissioners and sheriff. Every sheriff across the country should be doing training drills for this. Every governor should be having conference calls with other governors to prepare for this. If the federal government tries to prevent an election, their orders should be ignored.

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