Trump is guilty (of unimpeachable offenses)

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Update January 27, 2020- I am such a political genius. With the new development of the leaked Bolton transcript where he claims there was a quid pro quo by Trump, the defense will now be, “Yeah, but that s not impeachable”, as I wrote below.

This is why I run circles around Harvard lawyers.

January 22, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Populists like Tucker Carlson, myself, and millions of others are wondering why the Republicans in the Senate do not use the impeachment trial as an opportunity to expose Joe Biden’s flagrant corruption. After all, he openly bragged before a crowd that he got the Ukraine prosecutor, who was investigating Biden’s corrupt son, fired. Moreover, a new book by Peter Schweizer exposes the “Biden Five”, consisting of Joe Biden’s brothers, sister, and children as all benefiting from corruption made possible by his Vice President status.

I think the reason the Republicans “don’t want to go there” is because the Trump administration knows that they are guilty of what the initial bogus whistleblower reported. Trump did have a call and did stall aid to Ukraine as a way to encourage Ukraine officials to investigate Joe Biden. The childish dimwitted line that Trump keeps using, that it was a “perfect call”, is obviously a ruse. The Republicans just want to put this impeachment behind them as soon as possible.

By saying that Trump is guilty, all I mean is, yes, he leveraged Ukraine to look into Joe Biden for political reasons. However, that is not an impeachable offense. Every president does this type of act. Moreover, that drunk moron Rudy Giuliani was the one really behind it all.

This is also why the Republicans are not pushing to expose the fraud of a whistleblower, CIA employee Eric Ciaramella. He would have too many incriminating details to report.

In a previous essay, I explained how the actions of Trump were justified. Given that Joe Biden is in fact guilty beyond any doubt of corruption with Ukraine, then Trump was correct to press Ukraine to investigate and to withhold U.S. taxpayer dollars to a corrupt country.

Despite all of this being about an unimpeachable offense that pales in comparison to dozens of mafia-like actions taken by the Obama administration, if those facts came out, there would be enough Republicans to vote for impeachment of Trump. Trump’s team knows it.

If the Republicans end this quickly without witnesses, it will be viewed as a defeat for Trump instead of a victory. It will be a true defeat for justice. Lady Justice holding the scales with a blindfold will be on her death bed. She is flat-lining. This nation is at a crossroads.

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