The Weekly Summary: 2-6-2022

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January 31st – February 6th                2022

In the general news, Joe Biden continued his awkward spiral downward and attempt to distract from that with a concocted war with Russia. Jill Bien escorted him off a small stage on the White House like a man with severe Parkinson’s. Russia and China announced an alliance in retaliation. Then, in yet another vain attempt to use the military as a smoke screen, Biden’s incompetent generals attacked a supposed “ISIS leader” in Syria, but killed 13 civilians. In Propagandaville, reality is hitting as revenues and ratings plummet. As a result, AT&T fired CNN chief Jeff Zucker. Facebook, another propaganda outlet, lost a record $200 Billion in valuation after poor earnings as the CEO blamed TikTok. However, Amazon, poised to reap windfalls as the lockdowns kill small businesses, spiked a record $200 Billion after their earnings. Hedge funds had a record bad month in January. The jobs report defied expectations with 467,000 created, leading many to wonder aloud if Biden fudged the data, and the Central Banks of England plans to raise rates.

On the Great Reset fascist front, Canadian heroes in the form of truckers and farmers continued to hold siege on Ottawa and other cities. PM Trudeau came out of hiding to attempt to smear them all as “hateful” racists, ala the attempt in the US to smear America First as “white supremacists”. Tow truck companies refused to help remove the trucks. He ruled out military force to stop the blockades, but had the police go full-Nazi on the truckers. Woke tech GoFundMe confiscated millions in donations to the truckers and started to send the money to their own BLM charities, clearly an act of theft, until Florida Governor DeSantis intervened.

In vaccine and mask mandate totalitarianism, multiple Democrats intentionally, as a show of power, staged photo-ops of them standing maskless next to small children suffering hypoxia form masks. New York acting Governor Hochul and Stacie Abrams, Governor of George in her own mind, were among them, as were California Governor Newsom and LA Mayor Garcetti who were seen maskless at the NFL game. Then, finally realizing their actions were backfiring politically, numerous nations and states capitulated and lifted the mandates, including Quebec, The UK, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. However, the Biden handlers were behind the curve and plowed forward, purging the military of purebloods.

In crimes against humanity, the FDA approved and the CDC recommended the use of the Moderna vaccine despite there being no evidence that it is effective and there being ample evidence it is unsafe. Senator Rand Paul promised to pursue Tony Fauci’s role in creating the SARS-CoV-2 virus in his labs. More uncovered emails show Fauci covered it up. Pfizer (PFE) documents obtained by FOIA show a huge increase in miscarriages among mothers vaccinated. And in Italy, a schoolteacher so distraught over the fascism self-immolated.

On the date front, the lockdowns had no beneficial impact and only caused harm, per Johns Hopkins. More credible data from insurance actuarials show a large increase in deaths not related to COVID infection (i.e., either the vaccines or shutdown of the hospital system, or both, are the cause). Another paper showed the effectiveness of ivermectin as most Western nations collude to prevent its use. Natural immunity lasts at least 18-months and vaccines impare the immune system. The CDC finally recognizes natural immunity. A UK trial on human volunteers intentionally infected showed that symptoms are felt withing two-days and people remained infectious for 12-days. “Long-covid”, the phenomenon used to fearmonger a rationale for pediatric vaccines, is actually caused by the vaccines and not the virus. Guillain-Barre syndrome is caused by the vaccines as well. Lastly, Pfizer documents obtained by court order show a large increase in miscarriages among vaccinated pregnancies.

In healthcare business news, the propaganda media seemed to be instructed to push back on Pfizer’s plan to gain approval for newborns on up (STAT, USA Today, The Atlantic). Then, the discredited CDC approved the Moderna (MRNA) vaccine despite FDA concerns.

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